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In September, Congress took steps to meet the emerging needs of the future. While our nation is familiar with the risk of national security threats, both foreign and domestic, we may not envision them coming from the technology we use every single day.

Last week, the House took a step forward to protect our nation from cyber attacks. I was proud to support the Public-Private Cybersecurity Cooperation Act (H.R. 6735). This legislation requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to institute a policy to allow for the reporting and subsequent resolution of security vulnerabilities. Upon implementation, the policy must be fully and completely reviewed by the Attorney General, the Secretary of Defense, the Administrator of the General Services Administration, and non-governmental security researchers.

I will continue to support our nation’s efforts to defend against cybersecurity attacks. The threats of the future can be thwarted by a continually shared effort to identify risks and weaknesses. Our security is a shared responsibility; for information on how to identify a cyber-attack, visit the links below to do your part to keep our nation secure. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month - let’s renew our commitment to ensure the safety and security of our nation together. 


Tips for Staying Safe Online: 

For online safety basics, click here

For information on how to respond to theft, fraud and cybercrime, visit here

For information on how to secure your accounts and devices, visit here

For tips on how to manage your privacy, visit here 

For free online security checkups and tools, visit here.

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