News from Representative Tom Emmer



Dear Friend, 

We’re back for another busy week in Washington! 

Today, my Main Street Growth Act (H.R. 5877), which passed out of committee 56-0, is up for a vote on the House floor. This bill will allow the US Securities and Exchange Commission to provide for the creation of venture exchanges. These specialized securities exchanges would help small and emerging growth companies gain access to the capital they need to grow and succeed. It would also establish an Office of Venture Exchanges under its Division of Trading and Markets to study and monitor the effectiveness of these new exchanges. Read the bill here.  

Then on Thursday, the Financial Services Committee - on which I serve - will have the opportunity to hear from the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin for “The Annual Testimony of the Secretary of the Treasury on the State of the International Financial System” You can tune into that hearing, which starts at 10:00AM ET, by clicking here.  

2018 Farm Bill

This week, conference negotiations will take shape on the 2018 Farm Bill. After passage of a Farm Bill in both the House and Senate, the two different versions must be reconciled in a conference committee. A group of bipartisan lawmakers will be formed to address the differences in the two versions. Now more than ever, our farmers need certainty and Congress can step up by delivering a Farm Bill with strong agricultural policy quickly.


As a member of the bar association, and having served my community as a lawyer for many years, I have always been in awe of the Supreme Court. Sometimes, as I walk by the Court in Washington D.C., I see the words above the entrance to the Supreme Court Building, that say, “Equal Justice Under Law” and I am reminded that this nation, unlike many others around the world, is the fairest of all. 

Justice Kennedy served honorably for decades and made important contributions in interpreting our Constitution, in hopes of making this a more fair and honest nation. 

Judge Kavanaugh is an excellent choice and I have no doubt he will uphold our Constitution and maintain the Supreme Court’s golden standard of justice for years to come. I look forward to swift confirmation from my colleagues in the Senate.  


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