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Dear Friend, 

Last week, the President visited our great state of Minnesota and announced that he would be rescinding a mineral withdrawal, providing hope for thousands of miners and their families up north. 

I firmly believe we can preserve our beautiful state and the national treasure that is the Superior National Forest without permanently destroying any future job creation or economic development. It is possible to utilize the largest untapped copper-nickel deposit in the world for Americans in an environmentally sound way. This is a view that I have held since coming to Congress and the reason I introduced the MINER Act, H.R. 3905, last year.

During the last days of his administration, President Obama designated 425,000 acres of land for a prohibition of development, and a potential 20-year ban on industry activity, including up to two-years for a temporary study. This unchecked move decimated local economies, potentially jeopardizing nearly 17,000 jobs and billions of dollars in revenue.

My initial efforts with the MINER Act in 2017 were met with strong bipartisan support for unleashing our state's mining potential and now, with his commitment to reverse the politically motivated and shortsighted actions from the Obama administration on their way out the door, the President is stepping in to restore local control of Minnesota’s mineral rights. 

Rather than the federal government, I trust my fellow Minnesotans, who are incredibly proud and protective of our beautiful land, to decide what is best and am grateful for an administration who agrees. 

Congressman Emmer tours a United Taconite mine in Eveleth, Minnesota. 

Environmentally responsible mining and exploration in northern Minnesota can be a reality and it will provide a better way of life for our children.

Congressman Emmer on a mine tour in Ely, Minnesota.


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