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November 14, 2019

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I am continually humbled at the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country. One day is not enough to honor the time our servicemembers have spent away from their families, defending the freedoms we get to enjoy. Thank you to all who have served and to their families, and thank you to Mayor Linda Gorton and Councilmember Susan Lamb for hosting a beautiful ceremony to honor our veterans. You can find my full statement on Veterans Day, including some legislative achievements we have made for our veterans here.


Dear Friend,


This week represents a time of gratitude to our nation's veterans for their service in defense of the freedoms we hold so dear. Although we will never be able to repay the tremendous debt we owe to our veterans, I encourage all of us to use this time to give thanks. I also want to use this newsletter to discuss the legislative progress we have made in the Commonwealth against the opioid epidemic and provide perspective on the impeachment narrative at a time when Democrats want to jump to conclusions. 




On October 7, I had the chance to join various national leaders to celebrate the launch of the UK HEALing Communities study on opioid deaths (photo by Mark Cornelison).


My office is happy to have played a role in the University of Kentucky receiving $87 million in grant funding as part of the HEALing (Helping End Addiction Long-term) Communities Study. The funding was announced in April, but officially launched this month. I had the honor of speaking alongside my colleagues Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to commemorate the launch of the program. Our Commonwealth is among the states hit the hardest by this epidemic, making this event all the more important. The goal of the HEALing initiative is to reduce opioid deaths by 40 percent throughout Central Kentucky. You can read more about the study and event here.




Last month, I joined state officials in Mt. Sterling to announce a $500,000 grant for the Post Clinic. 

My office was pleased to support a $500,000 grant that was awarded to the Post Clinic in Mt. Sterling last month. This grant will help ensure vital healthcare services continue to be provided for those in need. The Post Clinic provides free, essential services to those in Montgomery and surrounding counties who are without insurance, underinsured, or on Medicare or Medicaid, ranging from primary care to dental care. You can read more about the Post Clinic, its services and eligibility requirements here.



Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting with Wolfe Countians Against Drugs to learn more about their mission to create drug-free communities.


One of the greatest assets we have during this epidemic is our own community coming together to help those affected. I had the chance to get a firsthand look at this when I met with Wolfe Countians Against Drugs to discuss legislative progress made on the opioid crisis. I am proud to see our local communities coming together to support those in need; this sense of caring for our neighbors is what makes our District and our Commonwealth so unique. We have made tremendous progress on the legislative front and I will continue to fight in Washington to ensure this progress is not lost. You can read more about Wolfe Countians Against Drugs here.



Last month, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats voted on the House floor to deprive any resemblance of due process when it comes to impeachment. This resolution advanced the secretive, hyper-partisan effort from Democrats to impeach the President on yet another baseless theory. I voted against this resolution that attempts to undo the vote of the American people in the 2016 election. You can read my full statement on the resolution here. I also discussed the impeachment inquiry with Leland Conway on WLAP radio in Lexington. You can listen to the entire interview here.  



To better serve the people of central and eastern Kentucky, my staff conducts regular traveling office hours in every county of the Sixth Congressional District. These office hours are a resource to help constituents who are in need of assistance and want to speak to a staff member in person. 

Beginning this month, our mobile office hours have changed. You can find a complete schedule of all upcoming dates and times on our website. As always, if you are unable to attend mobile office hours, contact my District office at the number below, and my staff would be happy to assist you.

Please continue to let me know your thoughts and concerns about issues facing our community, and I hope you will forward my newsletter to your friends, family and neighbors. You may also visit my website, Facebook and Twitter, where you can find regular updates about my work at home in the Sixth District and in Washington. 


Congressman Andy Barr

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