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Dear Friend,

Like everyone on their first day of a new job, when I first came to Congress, I wanted to hit the ground runningYet between the labyrinth of underground tunnels, arbitrary buzzers every few hours, hundreds of unspoken (and unwritten) rules, and a culture quite unlike anything I’ve ever known as a Minnesotan, I admit my first days were a bit overwhelming. 

Thankfully, I had mentors who were willing to show me the ropes.

Other members hailing from all over the country shared tips and tricks for navigating the halls of Congress. Each day I learn something new and while perhaps the job itself hasn’t gotten any easier, now I know the rules of the road. 

Whether you’re a high school student starting your very first job or a new member of Congress, getting started in your new role can be tough. 

The good news: someone has done it before you, and at every stage in life, there are always people willing to help you find your way.

As the father of a young daughter whose career is just getting started, I’ve gotten a glimpse of the challenges young women in this country encounter as they pursue their professional dreams.

In my role as a member of Congress, I saw an opportunity to help connect young women in my district with powerful female leaders and use these leaders' insights, experience, and advice as they begin careers of their own.

In the second year of my first term, my office launched the Young Women’s Leadership Program (YWLP) for high school girls in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District. 

Interested individuals can apply here.

WHO: Young women who will be in 9th through 12th grade in the fall of 2018 in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District.

WHAT: Young Women’s Leadership Program. In an open roundtable discussion, participants engage with panelists who share guidance and wisdom. Former panelists include radio professionals, attorneys, military leaders, government officials and executives at Fortune 500 companies.

WHEN: Three sessions: June 4, July 30 and August 30.

WHERE: Stay tuned! 

WHAT ELSE? If you're a young woman in high school looking to get ahead, this program is for you. You will get the unique opportunity to learn from and engage with some of Minnesota's top female leaders. These women have done it before: negotiated their first salary, networked with higher ups in the field, successfully navigated and broken through traditionally male-dominated professions, managed the work/life balance and so much more, learning countless lessons along the way. Apply NOW through May 23rd by clicking here!


Interested individuals can apply here

Mentorship is vital to ensuring our future leaders have the tools they need to succeed.

Get ahead and apply now! 

For more details on Congressman Emmer’s Young Women Leadership Program click here

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