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Congressman Barr welcomed QuaLex Manufacturing to the White House as part of the Made in America event on July 15 to celebrate tax cuts and job growth. QuaLex has locations in Lexington, Georgetown and Richmond, Ky. 

Dear Friend,

As always, it is a very busy time at the Capitol, and these bi-weekly newsletters give me a chance to stay connected with the people of the Sixth District when I am in Washington. Over these past two weeks I have had the honor of introducing legislation to protect children of our veterans and voted on legislation centered on the federal minimum wage. 


The Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky has expressed support for Congressman Barr's VA Child Care Protection Act. 

On July 15, I introduced the VA Child Care Protection Act to make sure our veterans receive the best child care possible. I attempted to attach this legislation as an amendment in committee beforehand but was shut down by Democrats. Therefore, I introduced it as a standalone bill because safe child care should not be partisan. The VA Child Care Protection Act would prohibit the VA from contracting with a child care provider if they employ anyone who has been charged with certain crimes, such as violent crimes, sex offenses, or offenses involving a child victim. This legislation already carries the support of Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky and would serve to close the loopholes in the original Veterans' Access to Child Care Act that would still allow someone charged with a serious crime to provide child care while their case is pending. 


Click above to watch a video about the so-called "Raise the Wage Act." 

I voted against the so-called "Raise the Wage Act" on July 18 in the House to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour because artificially inflating wages leads to inflated prices and job loss. Simple free market economics teaches us that this is the case. There are mountains of evidence that a higher federally mandated minimum wage leads to fewer workers hired. Regardless, whether you are for or against raising the minimum wage, we have to stop thinking so small. Less than 3% of American workers earn the minimum wage. Less than 20 percent of workers who would see a wage increase under this bill actually live in households that earn less than the federal poverty line. We need to focus on policies that will increase wages for all workers, not just minimum wage workers. We need to focus on maximum wages not minimum wages. I want workers to earn a lot more than $15 per hour. But to give that opportunity to as many workers as possible we need economic growth—not central planning from Washington. In the video above, I joined my colleagues on the Republican Study Committee in detailing the troubles with the Raise the Wage Act.   


To better serve the people of central and eastern Kentucky, my staff conducts regular traveling office hours in every county of the Sixth Congressional District. These office hours are not town hall meetings, but rather are a resource to help constituents who are in need of assistance and want to speak to a staff member in person.

Click here for a complete schedule of all upcoming dates and times for mobile office hours. 

Please continue to let me know your thoughts and concerns about issues facing our community, and I hope you will forward my newsletter to your friends, family and neighbors. You may also visit my website, Facebook and Twitter, where you can find regular updates about my work at home in the Sixth District and in Washington. 


Congressman Andy Barr

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