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Last week, I visited the local Kwik Trip in St. Cloud to take a tour, learn more about convenience stores, receive clerk training and more.

For me, visiting local stores and interacting with Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District is the best part of the job.

In case you missed it, check out the highlights (including me working behind the counter) below!



Click here to watch.

5 Kwik Highlights:

1. Minnesota’s convenience stores pump 2,815,910,003 gallons of fuel to keep our communities moving! (Fun fact: My first ever job was pumping gas at a convenience store.) 

2. Glad a few of Minnesota’s Sixth District veterans showed up to chat with me during my shift at Kwik Trip! Great opportunity to thank them ahead of Vietnam Veterans Day.


3. I received my clerk training from Store Leader, Nancy Johnson, who showed me what it takes to serve customers behind the counter. Your local Kwik Trip may be your first stop in the morning, and Nancy and her team do their best to greet you with a smile and your favorite treat. I learned from the best! Watch here.

4.  81% of rural Americans say that a convenience store is within 10 minutes of their home. These stores serve their communities with more than just fuel for your car. Convenience stores like Kwik Trip provide the healthy, fresh options including produce, dairy and more!

5. Convenience stores are critical to the local economy. Across the U.S., convenience stores employ 2.7 million Americans about 15 people in every local community.


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