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Tonight President Trump will deliver the State of the Union address. I look forward to hearing from our President on the progress we have made so far under his leadership including our economy growing at an incredible pace, the stock market breaking records, historically low unemployment rates and the benefits of tax reform. I hope you will tune in to our President’s State of the Union adress beginning at 9:00pm ET. You can tune in on any major news network or watch on the White House's live feed here.

RECAP: National School Choice Week

Dear Friend, 

My wife Jacquie and I are the proud parents of seven wonderful children who thankfully all had access to an excellent education. Unfortunately, not all children across the country are as lucky. Every parent should have the confidence that their child, regardless of background or zip code, will have access to an excellent education. I believe our country’s education system should be as diverse as the people it serves. Most importantly, I believe that decisions about the education of our future leaders begins at home. Parents, teachers and community leaders know what is best for children. When Washington meddles in local matters, the community ultimately suffers. 

Last week during National School Choice Week I had the opportunity to tour some of the many options parents have in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District for educating their children. From the effective public schools to the innovative charter schools, every family should be able to decide what K-12 option is right for them.

We need to applaud variety, not stifle it. What works in California, might not necessarily be the best fit in Minnesota. This is why I have voted to bring more choice back to Minnesota and more power to the decision-makers within our state. 

This country promises equal opportunity for all. We must ensure our leaders of tomorrow have access to the quality education they deserve.


A Private Solution to a Community Problem

My first stop during National School Choice Week was Holy Spirit Academy in Monticello. This school opened when a few parents came together and decided their community did not have the educational opportunities they desired for their children. In partnership with their local church, St. Henry’s, these parents opened Holy Spirit Academy. 

During my time at Holy Spirit, I was impressed by the rigorous courses these intelligent students are conquering. From Latin classes to discussions utilizing the Socratic Method, these young scholars are being prepared for a bright and promising future. As we enter into Catholic Schools Week, I am happy to highlight the work Holy Spirit Academy is doing to foster a full education of the mind, body, and spirit.


Congressman Emmer during a Q&A with students at Holy Spirit Academy.

Charter Your Own Education

My next stop was Spectrum High School in Elk River. In 1991, Minnesota was the first state to pass a charter school law and now nearly 7,000 charter schools are operating in 42 states and the District of Columbia. As a leader of innovative education in Minnesota, I was glad to tour a thriving charter school in Elk River. Spectrum is a public charter high school, which received its original charter in 2006. The school currently serves grades six through twelve.

I learned about their CASH (College at Spectrum High) program. Last year, 84% of students graduated with at least some college credit saving them thousands in tuition costs! 

Congressman Emmer hearing from students and faculty on the unique programs Spectrum High School offers.

Thriving Public Schools

Finally, I stopped by two great public schools in ISD742. The St. Cloud area has great public schools and I enjoyed learning about St. Cloud Technical High School and Apollo High School. At St. Cloud Tech, I learned about the Mars Simulation Lab that students created on their own. I also learned about the robotics lab, and all of the STEM opportunities students at St. Cloud Tech have to prepare them for a career.

Congressman Emmer learning from St. Cloud Tech High School student Matt, about how to operate the remote controlled robot.

During my visit to Apollo High School, I was shown the workshop, where students learn to weld and create. These valuable skills they develop, will allow them to seek a technical career that will guarantee them a future in manufacturing. The students at Apollo even made me a few Minnesota themed items for my Washington, D.C. office! I look forward to displaying my Minnesota pride with these handmade gifts. 


Congressman Emmer touring Apollo High School.

Congressman Emmer during a roundtable with students at Apollo High School.

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