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Dear Friend, 

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and on behalf of my fellow Minnesotans, I want to say thank you to all that serve or have served in our armed forces. I am grateful for the sacrifices you have made to protect our nation and its people. Thank you for upholding and fighting for our freedoms and liberties we hold so dear. That is why I dedicated this week’s video to you - our nation’s heroes. 

MINER Act Passes Committee

This week, the MINER Act passed the House Committee on Natural Resources. I am proud that we were able to get one-step closer to ensuring Minnesotans will have a say in what happens to their land. Restoring Minnesota’s mineral rights will allow Northern Minnesota to thrive once again. The Federal Government’s overreach on this issue has caused Northern Minnesotans to endure economic stagnation and job loss for far too long. It is possible for us to preserve the beauty of the great state of Minnesota, while also tapping our natural resources in an environmentally conscious way. Click here to learn more.


House Passes Micro Offering Safe Harbor Act

This week was a productive one, on top of my MINER Act passing committee, my Micro Offering Safe Harbor Act also passed out of the House of Representatives. This was my second bill to pass in the 115th Congress. This legislation will help small business owners and entrepreneurs start and expand. This bill clarifies existing law so that these entrepreneurs have more ways to access capital, which is so vital to their overall success. 

For more information, click here.

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