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With this week came the introduction of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a much-needed proposal to reform the United States’ tax code. For far too long, middle-class Americans have felt the effects of our burdensome tax system. Economic growth has been stunted, and people and corporations have fled in search of a chance to thrive.

The current tax code at nearly 75,000 pages is too onerous for the average working American to tackle. For the first time in three decades, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act gives us the framework to finally repair our overly burdensome and complex tax system. Minnesotans currently face the 4th highest tax burden in the country, but because of the plan released this week, they have a chance to see some relief from the heavy hand of the federal governmentI know this legislation will cut spending and put more of the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars back in their pockets. To read my full statement, click here.

To read more about our plan, click here.

An Annual Tradition

As we enter into one of the best weekends of the year, let me begin by wishing you all the best of luck! Deer hunting opener is a time for families and friends to come together to hunt in the great outdoors and create memories we will all remember for years to come. However, hunting also serves another purpose as an important part of our state’s economy. Click below to learn more.

Wishing all a safe and productive opener! 

Want To Intern in D.C.?

Are you a college student looking for an internship? Would you like to learn more about the legislative process? We are currently looking for interns for our Washington D.C. office. Internships run through the fall, spring or summer semesters for college students. The internship experience is an opportunity to see government in action and to immerse yourself in the daily happenings of Washington D.C.!

Click here to learn more and to apply.

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