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It has been a busy two weeks in Washington! I appreciate you taking the time to read my E-Newsletter to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the House of Representatives and back in the district.

             President Trump Delivers State of the Union Address 

Last week, President Trump laid out a bold vision forward for our country and highlighted the numerous successes of his administration. Our nation has truly experienced a blue-collar boom, with strong year-over-year wage growth and record low unemployment.


                         Vice President Pence Visits Lancaster!

It was great to join Vice President Mike Pence for a community leaders roundtable in Lancaster and to hear directly from the people their thoughts about what is happening in Washington. Thanks for the lift back to Washington, aboard Air Force 2!


                                   National Prayer Breakfast

It was great to join so many for the National Prayer Breakfast last week. I had the honor of being joined by Pastor Matt Mylin and his wife Kelly, who lead the congregation at the Worship Center in Leola, PA. The morning featured an uplifting message from keynote speaker Arthur Brooks.


                                             From the Floor

This past week, I had the opportunity to speak from the floor of the House to honor two community leaders and to oppose legislation which would harm American workers.

I spoke out against the PRO Act, which is a massive giveaway to union special interests and would have drastically changed the balance of labor laws in favor of unions and against American workers. Click here to watch my remarks on the PRO Act.

Additionally, I spoke on the House floor to honor the life of Mr. Robert Aichele, a community leader in Lancaster County, who passed away at the age of 92 last week. Click here to watch my comments honoring the memory of Mr. Aichele.

I also spoke on the House floor to give thanks to Dr. William Griscom, who has recently retired after serving as President of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology for 23 years. Thousands of lives across south central Pennsylvania have been put on the path to success because of his leadership. Click here to watch my remarks thanking Dr. William Griscom.

                         $5 Million Saved for PA-11 Constituents

It was an honor to be able to announce earlier this week, that my office has saved over $5 million for constituents of Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District. Since taking office in 2017, my office has closed over 4,000 cases to assist individuals with difficulty they may be experiencing with federal agencies. Click here to learn more about this great milestone!

And click here, if my office can assist you with an issue you’re experiencing with the federal government!

                                        Visits to Washington!

It was great to be visited by John Fiorill in my Washington, DC office this week. John is the Second Vice President of the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police, and the former Chief of the Southern Regional Police Department. Thanks for visiting!


                                                  Here’s Lloyd

Since I’ve taken office, I’ve held nearly 300 meetings with constituents and nearly 200 visits all across our district including schools, non-profit organizations and small businesses. Keep up to date by following my on Facebook, Twitter and visit “Here’s Lloyd” – a diary of all my visits across PA-11.

If you’d like to invite me to your school, business or community organization, please contact me at: Request a meeting.



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