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As your representative, I wanted you to see the latest on what I’m doing to defend those under attack across the United States. 

Rep. Banks Calls for Federal Investigations Into Attacks on Catholics, Statues of Saints and Churches


Over the last two months as Americans have seen statues of American heroes toppled and memorials dedicated to our national memory desecrated, those responsible for these acts have also in their sights Catholics, statues of saints and churches.

From this article from The Federalist

"In Boston at St. Peter’s Parish Church, parts of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary were scorched after being lit aflame. According to some at the Boston Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit, ‘an unknown suspect had set fire to plastic flowers, which were in the hands of the statue, causing the face and upper body of the statue to be burned.'"

"In Brooklyn, a statue of the Virgin Mary at Cathedral Prep School and Seminary in Queens also suffered an attack when an individual smeared it with the word ‘IDOL.'"

"Fr. James Kuroly, rector and president of Cathedral Prep, told Catholic News Agency that the desecration of the 100-year-old statue was an ‘act of vandalism and hatred.'"

"In Ocala, Florida, police arrested a man who lit the Queen of Peace Catholic Church on fire and crashed into the church with his minivan. According to the Marion County Sheriff’s office, Stephen Anthony Shields “poured gasoline in the church’s foyer and ignited it, after crashing his minivan through the parish’s front door” while parishioners gathered inside for mass."

"In Los Angeles, a fire destroyed most of the historic San Gabriel Mission which was founded by St. Junipero Serra."

"Archbishop José Gomez, the 5th and current Archbishop of Los Angeles, announced the fire on Twitter and asked for prayers from St. Junipero Serra."

"'Our beloved #SanGabrielMission, founded in 1771, devastated by fire before dawn. St. Junípero Serra, pray for this land that you helped to found,’ he wrote."

Not enough people are pointing it out.

Will those with a large platform fight anti-Catholic, anti-Christian bigotry like they have fought other forms of discrimination?

These Attacks Cannot Stand

That’s why I’m calling on the Department of Justice to investigate these attacks immediately

From this Daily Caller article

"A spokesman for Banks told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the representative is requesting that both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Attorney General Bill Barr look into these crimes and to ‘prosecute those perpetrating hate crimes against the Catholic Church to the fullest extent of the law.'"

"Banks’ comments came the same day that a senior White House official told the DCNF that the ‘criminals’ who have vandalized and targeted Catholic churches and religious statues will be prosecuted ‘to the fullest extent of the law.'"

We’re seeing an uptick in targeted crimes and hate against many communities throughout the United States, but only some are receiving any attention at all. 

It seems crimes are highlighted not due to science-based data aggregated to show prevalence or severity, but in pre-existing narratives those in power want to perpetuate.

This is profoundly unjust, as every citizen and community is guaranteed equality under the law. As such, the injustices one community face should not be overshadowed and forgotten in favor of showcasing injustices faced by other communities. 



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Thanks for letting me fill you in.

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