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Are we doing enough to protect our environment?

The arrival of Earth Day had me thinking: are the folks in the South Sound satisfied with the work the federal government is doing to keep this land healthy and clean for all who call it home?

I worked hard to get robust federal funding devoted to Puget Sound recovery and salmon restoration included in the 2018 spending package, but I don't think we should stop there.

Please consider spending a few moments sharing your thoughts about what is most important to you regarding our environment and efforts to protect it.*

What areas do you think the federal government should prioritize in order to protect our environment?
 [ ]Stormwater management
 [ ]Improved air and water quality
 [ ]Puget Sound recovery, including restoration of Orca and salmon habitats
 [ ]Action on climate change
 [ ]Ocean acidification
 [ ]Fuel standards
 [ ]Improve energy efficiency with programs like ENERGY STAR
 [ ]Pesticide regulation
 [ ]Protection against lead exposure
 [ ]Encourage recycling
 [ ]Ensure proper disposal of hazardous waste
 [ ]Other (please specify) 
Regarding your environmental protection priorities, how do you think the federal government is doing?
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Thank you for your time and thoughts. I will keep them in mind when weighing important decisions regarding federal efforts to protect our environment.


Denny Heck
Your Member of Congress


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