A Message From Rep. Cramer

July 16, 2018

Message from Congressman Cramer

Last Monday, I spoke with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer about ongoing trade negotiations and their impact on North Dakota farmers and manufacturers. Two bills I introduced to establish a procedure for the conveyance of certain federal property around the Jamestown Reservoir and Dickinson Reservoir in North Dakota received hearings in the House Natural Resources Committee this week. And, I helped introduce a resolution in the House supporting the mission and work of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). Continue reading for more about these and other topics below.

Cramer, Ambassador Lighthizer Discuss Key Trade Issues 

This Discussion Followed Cramer’s Testimony on the Impact of Tariffs for North Dakota Agriculture Producers and Manufacturers 

Congressman Kevin Cramer spoke with U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Lighthizer Monday about ongoing trade negotiations and their impact on North Dakota farmers and manufacturers.   

“I appreciated Ambassador Lighthizer’s candor and his openness to my concerns relating to agriculture and manufacturing,” said Cramer. “We talked a lot about China, but even more about NAFTA. I reiterated that there are a lot of North Dakota farmers very frustrated with Canada’s discrimination against their products as they cross the border. For example, we allow their wheat to cross the border quite openly but this openness is not reciprocated for our producers. I told him there are a lot of people pulling for the goals of the President, but they are also concerned and have some anxiety as it relates to their particular commodity.”  

Lighthizer told Cramer the Administration will continue to negotiate with China to resolve long-standing trade issues which have harmed American farmers and businesses for decades. Cramer agreed and said he would encourage his colleagues in Congress to rally behind the Administration and negotiators such as Lighthizer so the U.S. has greater negotiating leverage in order to ensure better deals for American workers and businesses.

In addition, Lighthizer assured Cramer farmers will not be forgotten and he provided a clear message supporting producers. Cramer said, “I stressed the importance of understanding that farms are owned and managed by families and their budgets are cyclical just like commodity prices are cyclical. Their product is seasonal and they simply can’t take a perishable product and put it in the bank for many years. Every day has an impact on the family farm, he understood and acknowledged that and I was encouraged.”  

In a previous statement, Cramer commended the President for instructing U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to give farmers a safety net during the short term uncertainty posed by tariffs.      

Lighthizer also reported to Cramer this May was the highest in U.S. history for exports of goods and services totaling $215.3 billion. The figure reported by the U.S. Census Bureau reflects the commitment of the Trump Administration to pursue free and fair trade for American exporters.   

The discussion today follows Cramer’s May testimony where he was the only Member of Congress to testify before USTR to convey the impacts the proposed Section 301 and Section 232 tariffs would have on North Dakota agriculture producers and manufacturers. Lighthizer serves as the top cabinet official, alongside U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, tasked with negotiating trade agreements on behalf of the United States. Cramer arranged a meeting in June at the White House with a delegation of North Dakota farmers and ranchers to discuss international trade and tariff issues facing them with Secretary Ross and USDA Deputy Secretary Stephen Censky.  

Cramer-Jamestown and Dickinson Reservoir Bills Considered by Natural Resources Committee  

Watch Tom Fisher's testimony here and Craig Headland's testimony here.

Congressman Kevin Cramer has introduced legislation to establish a procedure for the conveyance of certain federal property around the Jamestown Reservoir and Dickinson Reservoir, also known as Patterson Lake, in North Dakota.

H.R. 6039 and H.R. 6038, were considered before the House Committee on Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans Wednesday. Craig Headland, a Board Member of the Jamestown Reservoir Cabin Owners Association, homeowner and state legislator representing District 29, and Tom Fisher, President of the Patterson Lake Homeowners Association, testified on behalf of Cramer's bills. 

"The land belongs in the hands of public entities on a local level who are closest to the people who live there. My bills open the opportunity for families residing near the reservoir to become true homeowners by purchasing the land they live on,” said Cramer. “I appreciate Craig and Tom for giving testimony on what these bills means for fellow homeowners, the Jamestown and Dickinson communities, and North Dakota.” Read more about H.R. 6039 here and H.R. 6038 here.

Cramer Helps Introduce House Resolution Supporting Immigration and Customs Enforcement 

Congressman Kevin Cramer helped introduce a resolution in the House of Representatives this week supporting the mission and work of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). The resolution expresses support of the officers and personnel at ICE in response to calls by Congressional Democrats to close the agency.

“This resolution affirms the effective work of ICE in keeping violent criminal aliens, including the ruthless members of the MS-13 gang, out of the country,” said Cramer. “Last year alone, ICE arrested more than 127,000 aliens who had dangerous criminal convictions or charges. It also plays a critical role in combatting the opioid crisis devastating our communities.” Read more here.

Cramer-Supported Bills on Palliative Care, Suicide Prevention and Precision Ag Advance Through Committee

Congressman Kevin Cramer is a co-sponsor of three bills considered by the House Energy and Commerce Committee Thursday related to palliative care and hospice programs, suicide prevention and precision agriculture.

Cramer is a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and participated in Thursday's markup of the bills, which considered several health, environment, energy, consumer protection and communications and technology legislation. Following the markup and passage of these bills out of the committee, they will move to the House floor for consideration by the entire House of Representatives. Read about the bills here.

House Passes Legislation Improving Capital, Housing and Mortgage Laws 

Congressman Kevin Cramer supported a package of bills Tuesday in the U.S. House of Representatives. The legislation passed with bipartisan support addresses a variety of important topics including small business capital-raising, housing vouchers, and non-profit mortgage disclosures.    

“Small non-profit charitable organizations shouldn’t be treated in the same way as mortgage lenders,” said Cramer. “I am pleased to see the House respond to another over-step caused by Dodd-Frank by allowing these organizations to use more appropriate mortgage lending options that better align to their missions.”  Read more about each bill here.

House Passes Title Transfer Bill

Congressman Kevin Cramer announced passage of the Reclamation Title Transfer and Non-Federal Infrastructure Incentivization Act (H.R. 3281) today in the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill helps facilitate the transfer of Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) facilities to non-federal ownership, such as a state political subdivision or water user association. 

“Currently, no matter how big or small, transferring ownership of Reclamation facilities requires an Act of Congress which, as we know, can be futile no matter how reasonable the bill,” said Cramer. “We’re going through this process right now with the Dickinson and Jamestown recreation and cabin property, and while I’m confident on those title transfers, there are other facilities North Dakota could benefit by being transferred to non-federal entities. We can eliminate a lot of administrative paperwork, liability, and maintenance expense for the federal taxpayer and empower local users to better manage these properties through the bill passed today.” Read more here.

Cramer Welcomes Summer Interns

From left to right: Kayla Mykeloff, Congressman Cramer, Kole Nichols

Congressman Kevin Cramer announced two interns are serving in his Washington, DC office this summer. 

“It is a privilege to welcome these young people to my office,” Cramer said. “We are putting their talents to work on a wide variety of tasks to serve the people of North Dakota. The experience they gain will benefit their education and future careers.” 

  • Kayla Mykeloff – Kayla, a native of Frisco, Texas, is a rising senior at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan where she is studying Politics and Business. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi women’s fraternity. Post-graduation, Kayla hopes to get a job on Capitol Hill to gain experience before pursuing a job in the private sector in government relations. 
  • Kole Nichols – Kole is a native of Moorhead, Minnesota and sophomore at North Dakota State University where he is studying Political Science and Economics. While in high school, he participated in football, weightlifting, orchestra, Knowledge Bowl and Boy Scouts. At NDSU, Kole is active in campus politics and regional politics. Kole enjoys school, studying politics and related topics, spending time with friends, and working out.

Applications for the fall internship term are being accepted through August 3. Those interested can find more information on Cramer’s official website, or by calling his Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-2611. 

Mobile Office Hours in Fort Totten

Mobile Office Hours allow constituents to receive assistance with casework from the Congressman’s staff. Individuals from the Fort Totten and McVille areas are encouraged to stop by the mobile office for help with veterans and Social Security benefits, Medicare billing problems, immigration issues, military records or medals, or for assistance with any other federal agency.  

Contact Randy Richards, Cramer’s Field Representative, with any questions. He can be reached by email at Randy.Richards@mail.house.gov or telephone 701-738-4880.  

Around DC

Cramer discussed trade, tariffs, and the farm bill with ND Soybean Growers Wednesday.

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