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This week marks the last spent in Washington D.C. before the district work period begins so it was definitely a busy one. In addition to testifying at a Committee hearing, taking some critical votes, and reintroducing one of my bills from last Congress, I had the pleasure of holding important meetings with folks like Neel Kashkari from the Minneapolis Federal Reserve and members of the Plastics Industry.

Catching up with President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, Neel Kashkari.

Speaking with members of the Plastics Industry about the skills gap problem
facing our state and the nation.

Assisting American Heroes

On Monday night, my colleagues and I were proud to vote in favor of a piece of legislation titled the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017, which will make much needed reforms to the GI Bill.

These reforms will allow our veterans and their families to have increased access to valuable training programs as they seek educational opportunities that match the demands of the modern day workforce. Additionally, this legislation will allow our veterans to use these benefits throughout their lives rather than within fifteen years of their service. To learn more about our work to assist our nation’s veterans, and other American heroes, click here to read my blog post.

Bringing the Nation into the 21st Century and Beyond

On Thursday, I joined my colleague Congressman Peter DeFazio to reintroduce our Advancing and Promoting Programming (APP) Act, which will help American innovators more easily access the tools and resources necessary to create applications for mobile devices, otherwise known as apps. As the digital revolution continues to sweep from nation to nation like wildfire, it is imperative that we give American workers the tools and skills to maintain a competitive edge and bring our country fully into the 21st century. To learn specifically how the APP Act will accomplish this, click our video below for an explanation.

This introduction is in conjunction with the launch of the Congressional App Challenge, which kicked off this week. The Congressional App Challenge shares the same goal as the APP Act, as it was created to help the next generation of workers with the technical skills to keep America competitive. Established in 2013, this challenge invites high school students from around the country to compete against their classmates in creating their own apps. I am excited that my office is participating for the third year in a row, and I look forward to seeing what the students in Minnesota’s Sixth District will come up with. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, click here.

Restoring Minnesota’s Mineral Rights

Like all Minnesotans, I believe in preserving and protecting our natural resources and I have no doubt that we can find a way to preserve Minnesota’s pristine landscape without permanently destroying any future job creation or economic development in Minnesota. That’s why this week I testified before the Natural Resources Committee regarding a discussion draft  of my legislation on the United States Forest Service’s pending withdrawal application in Northern Minnesota.

We have a real opportunity to reverse the politically motivated and short-sighted actions the Obama Administration took on their way out the door, which is why I am pleased that we got one step closer to allowing the research and exploration process to proceed, all while protecting the potential future economic opportunities in the great state of Minnesota. To learn more about the hearing, click here to read my press release and click the video below to hear my statement!

Attention College Students!

Fall is right around the corner, which means that my office is currently looking to hire interns for the fall semester. If you are a junior or senior in college with an interest in politics and the legislative branch of our government, click here to apply today!

Once again, thanks for staying up to date with the work I am doing for Minnesota’s Sixth District. Until next week…


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