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Dear Friend,

I want to begin by wishing each of you a very Happy Independence Day spent with family and friends. Independence Day is my absolute favorite holiday for many reasons, but the first being that this day is a unifying one for the American people. It is a day where instead of the usual disagreements, Americans from all backgrounds will come together to celebrate the fact that we live in the best nation in the world. To hear my entire Independence Day message, please click on my video below!

Minnesotans in DC!

Thanks to all of the great folks who stopped by my office this week for meetings! It was a pleasure meeting with Minnesotans like the new Executive Director of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, Dave Metusalem to speak about law enforcement in our great state and the Minnesotan members of the National Alliance of Mental Illness to discuss improving care for those suffering from mental health issues.

Congressman Emmer with Dave Metusalem

Congressman Emmer with National Alliance of Mental Illness members

I often also get to meet with Minnesotans who are in our nation’s capital for vacation. If you and your family will be out here this summer, please contact my office and we will ensure that you have tours of places like the United States Capitol and White House set up. Hope to see you out here soon!

A Nation of Laws

As our Founding Fathers intended, the United States is a nation of laws. Unfortunately, certain cities in the United States have disregarded the law of the land by designating themselves as Sanctuary Cities and providing refuge to illegal immigrants.

We are a nation of immigrants, it is a part of our history, and I believe that immigrants will forever be a crucial part of this great nation. However, immigration must be done legally and through the proper channels. The death of Kathryn “Kate” Steinle at the hands of an illegal immigrant with a criminal past in San Francisco, a Sanctuary City, is proof of that.

That is why on Thursday, my colleagues and I voted to pass Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. Kate’s Law would enhance penalties for deported felons who return to the United States. The No Sanctuary for Criminals Act would restrict taxpayer money to cities that protect criminal illegal immigrants and encourages cooperation with the federal government. It is time to make our nation safe again, and we took a step closer to accomplishing that goal this week. 

Reversing Obama’s Disastrous Mining Policies 

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Northern Minnesota to highlight the incredible opportunities that mining brings to our state, and nation. Unfortunately, in their final days, the Obama Administration did everything they could to halt these activities that create good paying jobs and bring important revenue to our state and communities. That is why, today, dozens of members of Congress joined me in sending a letter to Secretary Zinke and Secretary Perdue to request that the Obama Administration’s disastrous actions on mining be reversed so that responsible mining in Northern Minnesota can begin again. To read the entire press release on our efforts, click here

Once again, thank you for staying up to date with the work I am doing for Minnesota. Until next week…


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