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               USMCA Is a Win for York & Lancaster Counties 

Last month, I penned an op-ed regarding the critical importance of Congress adopting the United States-Mexico-and Canada Agreement, known as the USMCA. As one of the top 10 dairy, egg and poultry producing congressional districts in the country, ensuring a fair playing field for farmers in the 11th District to compete internationally is critical. The USMCA would open new markets for our dairy, egg and poultry farmers.   Additionally, it helps our manufacturing sector and our port jobs across the Commonwealth. 

The USMCA would sustain 43,000 jobs in Pennsylvania and create nearly 200,000 jobs across the country, resulting in $70 billion in economic growth. It is critical that Congress take up the USMCA without delay.

Click here to read my op-ed.

Click here to read my recent comments from the House floor in support of the USMCA.

                              Getting Out Around the District


I had a great time in the district last week! I was able to tour Christiana Borough with State Rep. John Lawrence, Mayor Mark Carner, and Borough Council President Robin Coffroth. We visited Moores Memorial Library, Bond Machine & Fabrication and the Christiana Underground Railroad Center. We also toured All Quality Aluminum Foundry where they produce nearly all veterans’ gravesite markers in Pennsylvania!


I also had a great visit this week in Shrewsbury with Mayor Mike Sharkey! We met with municipal officials from southern York County (including two Shrewsbury junior council members), held a town hall at a local senior center, and visited Alexander's Jewelry and ETube and Wire!

I was also pleased to join Delta Borough Mayor Joanie Jones and State Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill at the opening ceremony of the 4th Annual York County BBQ Festival!

If you have a school, community organization or business you’d like me to visit, please email me here.  Of course you can stay up-to-date by following me on Facebook, Twitter and my website.

                                        Legislative Updates

Speaker Pelosi Capitulates, House Passes Bipartisan Humanitarian Aid & Border Security Funding

After 58 days and 81 requests from my colleagues, Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally allowed the House of Representatives to vote on $4.6 billion in funds for critically-needed humanitarian aid and border security efforts. Despite our efforts to bring the aid bill to a vote, Speaker Pelosi prevented the House from considering this bipartisan bill, and instead offered her own proposal which catered to the most progressive elements of her party.  The crisis at the border must be addressed.

Thankfully, Speaker Pelosi’s efforts were defeated, and I joined my colleagues supporting the measure in a very bipartisan vote of 305-102. There is no amount of spin to hide the fact that House Republicans attempted to provide the necessary humanitarian aid and address the crisis at the border. I stand ready, as I have been since taking office, to work to secure our border, fix our visa issues and asylum loopholes, and ensure our nation does not continue to face mass illegal immigration.

Stopping Federal Overreach & Supporting Commonsense Election Security Measures

Recently, I voted against a bill containing a lengthy list of Washington mandates that take over both our voting machines and our elections. While Democrats claim this legislation is a necessary response to the 2016 election, the bill doesn’t address any of the vulnerabilities exposed by the 2016 election. In fact, this legislation would further the practice of ballot-harvesting by allowing actual pre-filled out ballots to be distributed to prospective voters.  

Instead, I’ve co-sponsored H.R. 3412 which provides state and local governments control of block grant funds for cyber security, upgrading voting infrastructure and providing state election officials with appropriate security clearances to ensure open communication with the Department of Homeland Security to help protect our elections.

                                       Smucker Service Corner

Helped a Lancaster County constituent receive a passport for their international travel -- in less than a week!

Helped a York County constituent receive a back payment of earned benefits amounting to over $10,000!

Assisted a constituent from York County with expediting and renewing their permanent residence status!

Assisted a Lancaster County constituent with the processing of their request for naturalization, and they are now a proud citizen of the United States!

If you need help with a federal agency, please call my district office at (717) 393-0667.

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Lloyd Smucker

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