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I enjoy hearing from you and responding to your questions via email, phone calls and letters. If you'd like to share your concerns or opinions with me or if you have questions about legislation or specific votes, you can send me an email here.  

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I'm also very proud of the help my office has been able to provide for constituents. More than 3,200 individuals and families have been helped, and more than $1,038,000 has been returned to individuals. If you need help with a federal agency, my office can help cut through Washington's red tape and bureaucracy. I encourage you to contact my district office at (717) 393-0667 and at (717) 969-6133 if you need assistance.

April Jobs Report: The Economy is Rolling! 


In this month’s jobs report, we learned that the American economy is in great shape. 236,000 jobs were created in the month of April—exceeding expectations. We are at historic lows for unemployment —a 50-year low for unemployment across the nation and a 40-year low in unemployment in Pennsylvania. We’ve also seen strong wage growth—over 3 percent in consecutive months. The first quarter gross domestic product (GDP) report showed that the American economy grew by 3.2%. These figures are great news about the strength of the American economy—which is growing thanks to tax reform and regulatory relief, both of which created an environment to foster growth and create jobs.

Wage growth has also been very strong -- wages increased 3.2% compared to a year ago and April was the ninth consecutive month with wage growth over 3%. The New York Times reported that “recent gains are going to those who need it most, low wage workers experienced the fastest increases.”

May is Military Appreciation Month


We must always extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who selflessly serve our nation in the Armed Forces and their families. I’ve introduced numerous pieces of legislation, like the Warrior Wellness Act to provide additional mental health services to our servicemen and women and the VA Billing Accountability Act to relieve veterans of financial burdens caused by delays at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  I stand firmly in support of both our veterans and active duty personnel. 

You can keep up-to-date on my efforts to support our veterans and servicemembers here.

Education & Labor Committee Hearings 


This week the House Education and Labor Committee held a markup of H.R. 2480, the Stronger Child Abuse and Prevention Treatment Act (CAPTA). The committee unanimously approved my bipartisan amendment to study how parental substance abuse affects the outcomes on adoption. Click here to watch my remarks on the amendment.  

The Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Investment, where I serve as the Ranking Member, also held an informative hearing on the cost of non-completion of post-secondary education programs.

Did you know that 42% of American students enrolled in a post-secondary program are unable to complete their program within six years? Therefore students are exiting programs with significantly higher student loan debts without the value of the degree. Now more than ever, we need solutions that align postsecondary education with in-demand jobs and give students in school the proper incentives to select the right program and obtain their degree.

Click here to watch my opening remarks for the hearing.

House Democrats Hold Hearing on “Medicare-for-All” 


Last week, the House Democrats on the Rules Committee held the first hearing on their much-discussed “Medicare for All” plan.  This plan is essentially a complete government takeover of our healthcare system and would completely dismantle our existing private insurance system. In Pennsylvania nearly 6.5 million workers would lose their employer-provided insurance. For seniors, it would eliminate popular Medicare Advantage plans.

Early cost estimates suggest “Medicare for All” would cost an additional $32 trillion over the course of ten years. Even doubling your current taxes would not be enough to pay that burden. The Congressional Budget Office also released a preliminary summary of the effects of this proposed government takeover. It would create significant delays for treatments and surgeries and would force rationed care.

We can all agree that Congress should work to make healthcare and prescriptions more affordable.  But the answer to these problems is not a complete government takeover which would cost taxpayers trillions and provide them with less choice and rationed care.

Congressional Art Competition Winner Announced


Each year, I host a Congressional Art Competition, where students from schools all across the Congressional District submit their artwork for review by myself and a panel of judges.

This competition is an opportunity for young students to showcase their artistic talents. The winner has their artwork displayed in the Cannon Tunnel, which connects the United States Capitol to our House office buildings. It’s where I walk every day that I am in Washington to go to the House floor for votes. The winner’s artwork will hang with winners selected by the 434 other Members of Congress.

This year I was thankful to receive nearly 40 submissions from schools across the district. This year’s panel of judges selected one winner and four runners-up. The artwork of the runners-up will hang in one of my three district offices—in Lancaster, Red Lion, or Hanover—or in my Washington, DC office.

Out of the many outstanding entries, this year’s winner was Alan Perez, a junior at Garden Spot High School. His piece is pictured above. Congratulations to Alan and all of those who participated in this year’s competition! You can view all the entries on my Facebook page here or they are available for public viewing at Garden Spot Village (433 S. Kinzer Avenue, New Holland, PA 17557) during the month of May.

Getting Out Across the District 


It is a true honor to represent the people of the 11th Congressional District in York and Lancaster Counties. You can keep up-to-date on my travels across the district by clicking here, for an interactive map of my visits with community organizations, educational institutions, small businesses and more!

The most important part of my job is meeting with the folks I represent. By talking with constituents, visiting local businesses, and attending community events, I learn about the issues that affect our families and communities. These conversations provide valuable insights which I take to Washington on your behalf and keep me informed of things going on around the 11th District.

If you would like to meet with me, invite me to an event, or to tour the community organization, small business or school that you work with, click here and fill out this simple webform to request a meeting or visit.

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Lloyd Smucker

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