News from Representative Tom Emmer

Dear Friend,

Big changes are on the way and I could not be more excited about the progress that has been made.

A Welcome Change

In my travels across our state, I have heard many Minnesotans express frustration with our antiquated and complicated tax code. A harsh reminder of this burdensome tax code came a few weeks ago, when tax day arrived and we all rushed to fill out complex paperwork, in the hopes of receiving some of our hard-earned money back from the government. Many were disappointed with the result.

Fortunately, this week President Trump announced his proposal to reform our current tax code so that American families can keep more of their money and businesses once again have the chance to thrive. President Trump’s proposal works to simplify the tax code by cutting the overall number of tax brackets in half, while also reducing the burden on our nation’s job creators by lowering the individual and corporate tax rate.

These job creators are the backbone of our society, which is why I share the President’s commitment to lowering the corporate tax rate. A few months ago I reintroduced the CREATE Jobs Act, which would lower the corporate income tax rate 5 points less than the average rate of the thirty three western countries with whom the United States often trades. This would not only put our nation at a competitive advantage, but it would prevent businesses and jobs from leaving the United States.

President Trump’s proposal will bring a welcome change, and I am looking forward to continue working with the Administration and my colleagues in Congress to furthering this progress. 

Opening the Door for Opportunity

This week, my bill which would enable Minnesota’s bid to host the World’s Fair in 2023 passed the House Floor unanimously.

The United States has not hosted a World’s Fair since 1984, as current rules require that a country must be a member of the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), in order to be considered as a potential host for a World’s Fair. My legislation, The U.S. Wants to Compete for a World Expo Act (H.R. 534) would remedy this problem by granting the Secretary of State the authority to take the necessary steps for the United States to rejoin the BIE, so cities like Minneapolis, have the chance to compete in hosting the Expo. Additionally, this bill ensures taxpayer protections at a time when there is so much waste.

Hosting the World’s Fair would be an excellent opportunity for our state as it would bring people, revenue and tax dollars to Minnesota, all while showing off our state’s natural beauty and incredible residents.

I am excited that we are one-step closer to realizing the dream of Minnesota hosting the World’s Fair, and am glad to have the support of the entire Minnesota delegation. To read my entire press release on this bill, click here.

The Future is Bright for Minnesota’s Girls

Last year, my office launched a Young Women Leadership Program for high school girls in our district, to help them explore the many different possibilities their future may hold. Due to the success of last year’s program, we will be launching this three series program once again this summer.

The Young Women Leadership Program will bring high school girls together with some of the best and brightest professional women in Minnesota, who have expertise in a variety of fields, for the opportunity to learn about different careers, network, develop their own leadership and communication abilities and cultivate skills that they hope to improve upon. 

The future is a bright one for Minnesota’s girls, and I am looking forward to hosting an event that will help the women leaders of tomorrow fulfill their potential. I encourage high school girls in Minnesota’s Sixth District to apply here today!

Once again, thanks for staying up to date with the work I am doing for Minnesota’s Sixth District. Until next week…


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