News from Representative Tom Emmer

Dear Friend,

I want to begin by condemning the horrific chemical attack against the people of Syria by their own government. It is heartbreaking to see photos of the victims, many of whom were children, and to hear the stories of individuals who lost loved ones. These devastating images will never be erased from our minds, and they cannot be ignored any longer.  

This attack on the innocent is another tragic result of the Obama Administration’s inadequate foreign policy strategy. Fortunately, we are already taking steps in Congress to reverse Obama’s disastrous foreign policy as we work to prevent any further devastation of this magnitude.

Our Work to Stop Terror

One way that we have worked to prevent further terror throughout the globe was by holding the first joint subcommittee hearing between the Monetary Policy and Trade Subcommittee and the newly formed Terrorism and Illicit Financing Subcommittee. This new subcommittee was specifically designed to increase the effectiveness of non-nuclear sanctions against Iran.


Despite our attempts to prevent Iran from gaining access to financing, tools, weapons and support, Iran has become more determined in their quest to commit and encourage acts of terror throughout the world. This joint subcommittee was not only useful in highlighting the current status of our sanctions against Iran, but it was instrumental in planning what our next steps should be to increase the safety of our nation and the global community. It was a great starting point to hear from experts as we continue to work on solutions to make this world a safer place. To learn more about this hearing and the new subcommittee, click here

Helping Businesses Thrive Once Again

On Thursday, I spoke on the House Floor on behalf of the Supporting America’s Innovators Act. Today’s small businesses are tomorrow’s big businesses, and if our entrepreneurs and business owners are to succeed, then we must remove the roadblocks standing in their way. This legislation will help to do just that by increasing the number of individuals who can invest in and support startups and small businesses across the country. It will also help jumpstart capital formation, so that businesses not just survive, but once again thrive. Learn more about this important legislation, and why I supported it by watching my floor speech below. 

ICYMI: A Program to Foster the Women Leaders of Tomorrow 

Last week I announced that my office will be once again hosting our Young Women Leadership Program. We began this program last year to help high school girls learn about the many paths available to them, and due to its success, we decided to hold this program every year. If this program sounds like something you or someone you know may be interested in, check out my Ask Tom video below to get more details.

A Win for the American People

Today is a great day for the United States. I applaud the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorusch as the next justice to the highest court of the land. Throughout his career, Gorsuch has proven himself as an incredible intellect who will be steadfast in his commitment to this great nation and the rule of law. For this reason, it is no surprise that the American Bar Association awarded Gorsuch its highest rating. I am confident he will uphold and defend the Constitution as our Founding Fathers intended and is the best person to follow in the footsteps to fill the vacancy left by the late Antonin Scalia.

Once again, thanks for keeping up with the work I am doing for Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District.


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