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On President Trump's Veto of the Emergency Declaration Termination

As I've said before, I believe President Trump has acted within his congressionally delegated authority to declare an emergency on our Southern Border. But I also believe Congress should re-evaluate the National Emergencies Act to ensure proper oversight and balance of power.

Below is a letter I sent to Leader Kevin McCarthy requesting a review of the National Emergencies Act. Click to view the full size. 



NEW LAW: Susquehanna National Heritage Area Act


I am so excited to announce that my Susquehanna National Heritage Area Act is now LAW! President Trump signed this bill into law on Tuesday.

Since you sent me to Congress, I've been pushing to make York and Lancaster Counties a National Heritage Area through the Susquehanna National Heritage Area Act -- and now they are!

This designation will recognize our history and our community and elevate it to the national level. National Heritage Areas are significant sources of economic growth and would not only bring jobs to our district but also educate visitors about the natural beauty of our community. 

This was a bipartisan effort with Sen. Bob Casey and Rep. Scott Perry and I'm grateful for their hard work and support. 

It’s exciting when you see a bill benefiting your community pass one chamber, but to have a bill our district cares about so much pass both the House and the Senate and then get signed into law is really what makes working in Congress worthwhile.

Why I Voted Against H.R. 1 

Earlier this month, the House voted on H.R. 1, the "For the People Act." I voted against this measure because I believe it's a top-down power grab by the Democrats and I also have serious concerns about this legislation infringing on states' rights.

I also believe this bill would waste taxpayer dollars. A major provision of H.R. 1 is providing political welfare for politicians, giving candidates a taxpayer subsidy — $6 for every $1 – ultimately forcing the American taxpayer to fund the campaigns of politicians, regardless of whether you, the taxpayer, support or oppose them. As of February 2019, the U.S. is currently $22 trillion in debt -- a number that is far too high and that I believe needs to be addressed. 

The legislation would force states to adopt automatic and online voter registration, with no safeguards or options to maintain the integrity of voter rolls. The legislation also does not require or encourage states to remove inaccurate voter information – including duplicate records or ineligible voters – and fails to criminalize fraudulent registration, potentially increasing voter fraud. 

H.R. 1 sets a dangerous precedent and infringes upon states’ and individuals’ constitutional rights, since the U.S. Constitution puts primary responsibility in the states to set the “times, places and manner” of congressional elections.

I voted against this measure because I believe we should reject this federal overreach. Passing a measure like this only allows more power for the politicians – not for the people.

Here's a video explaining my vote:


2019 Congressional Art Competition Entries Now OPEN!

I'm very excited to begin accepting entries for this year's Congressional Art Competition! Each year, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide competition for high school students interested in the arts and looking for an opportunity to showcase their creativity. This contest recognizes and encourages artistic talent of young constituents across the nation, including those living in our district. 

The winner’s artwork is displayed for one year in the Cannon Tunnel of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. The artwork of two runners-up will be displayed in my Lancaster and Washington, D.C. offices. 

Entries are due on April 25th. I'll announce the winner and runner-up at the end of May. If you or a high schooler you know is interested in applying, click here for the official rules and learn how to enter.

All entries are accepted at one of my district offices:

Hanover Office
118 Carlisle St. 
Hanover, PA 17331
(717) 969-6132

Lancaster Office
51 S. Duke St.
Suite 201
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 393-0667

Red Lion Office
100 Redco Ave. 
Red Lion, PA 17356
(717) 969-6133

NEW BILLS: Building a 21st-Century Workforce Image

This week a coalition of workforce groups from Pennsylvania and around the country joined me in Washington to announce two new bills to build our workforce: the USA Workforce Tax Credit Act and the Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act.

Did you know there are 7 million vacant jobs in our country? Did you also know that there are 6.6 million Americans who aren't working who could fill many of these jobs? 

The USA Workforce Tax Credit Act would incentivize investment in community-based apprenticeship initiatives, career and technical education, workforce development and K-12 educational preparedness. Teaching potential employees the skills and education needed to fill these jobs is just one of the ways we can build on all the economic progress we've seen over the last two years. 

My Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act would help keep our economy booming by filling critical job openings.  It would create a limited legal immigration visa system for employers in industries with severe worker shortages, like hospitality and construction.

The bill would reduce illegal immigration by required employers to use E-Verify.  Workers would be allowed to enter the U.S. for a limited time period, and only if American workers could not be found to fill the jobs.

This legislation would greatly benefit the construction and hospitality industries, two of the industries facing the most severe worker shortages. 

I was glad to be joined by so many groups to announce these bills and I'm looking forward to passing this bill and filling those jobs!

          Honoring Our Community on the House Floor 

March is Women's History Month and this month I'll be highlighting the stories of some notable women in our district, like Patricia Sincavage from Lititz. You can see all the videos on Facebook or my YouTube page.Image

If you have any suggestions of inspiring or notable people you'd like me to recognize on the House floor, email me here.

Smucker Service Corner

Shared from Facebook, a PA-11 constituent Dawn, who was leaving the country March 9th, was having an issue with her passport:

“This morning I needed a mountain moved and fast! I packed up all the children and went to the office of Congressman Lloyd Smucker, hoping to get results in a few days. His staff blew me away and left a voicemail and email within 20 minutes detailing the solution I needed. Oh happy tears! Thank you for being awesome public servants today!”

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Lloyd Smucker

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