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Dear Friend,

Every day my office hears stories from Minnesotans who are struggling under the reduced access and increased cost due to Obamacare. These are parents who are forced to decide whether they should pay their mortgage or get health care coverage for their families, and health care providers who have lost patients because they are no longer able to afford to go to the doctor. It is clear that something needs to be done to fix the issues in our current failing health care law.

This week, the House released the text of the American Health Care Act. I am currently reviewing the text of the bill and am interested to hear from constituents like you. Please visit to find the text of the bill currently working its way through Congress. If you have an opinion or concern about the bill, please reach out to me at


This week, I participated the 7th Annual Hotdish Competition hosted by Senator Al Franken. This competition is always a great way for the Minnesota delegation and their staff to celebrate the Minnesotan staple that is the hotdish as well as take part in a little bit of lighthearted competition.

There were many incredible entries and the competition was tight this year. I made the Sunday Beer Run and Brat Hotdish, which came in second place overall. Representative Collin Peterson won the competition with his Right to Bear Arms Hotdish, made with actual bear meat! It was wonderful to hang out with Minnesotans from all over the state, celebrate the traditions that make our state great, and strengthen relationships with Minnesotans from both sides of the aisle. I look forward to next year’s competition, where I am sure I will finally bring home the gold.

Rebuilding and Modernizing Our Military

Last week, during his Joint Address to Congress, President Trump outlined his plan for the nation. His plan promised many things, and one major promise that he made was to rebuild and modernize our military. The President said that if we are keep this nation safe, we must provide our military with the tools that they need to prevent war, but to also fight and win if we must.

I agree with President Trump as do the majority of my colleagues. That is why on Wednesday, we voted to pass the 2017 Defense Appropriations Bill. This important bill will put money towards rebuilding our military, enacting readiness programs, updating critical equipment as well as giving our troops a well-deserved pay raise. To learn more about this year’s defense appropriations bill, and why its passing was necessary, click on my Ask Tom below.

Share Your Financial Story 

As a member of the Financial Services Committee, I know that the financial services industry is a crucial part of our nation’s success both today and in the future. That is why I am committed to working to ensure that our business community survives and thrives, that key industries throughout our state succeed, and that all Minnesotans prosper. Unfortunately, during President Obama’s eight years in office, numerous burdensome regulations were enacted and power to control various agencies were given to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

If your business or family has been impacted by policies under the Obama Administration, click here to share your story. We are currently working to roll back burdensome regulations and make agencies accountable to all Americans, and learning about your personal stories helps to ensure that the right steps are taken.

Once again, thank you for staying up to date with the work I am doing in Washington D.C., and Minnesota’s Sixth District. Until next week…


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