A message from Congresswoman Ann Wagner

Dear Quorum,

Republicans in the House are working hard to move our country forward, and we made tremendous strides last week by listening to the American people and beginning the process to repeal and replace the failed Obamacare law that is hurting so many Missourians. 

In Missouri, 96 of 114 counties will have only one insurance carrier under Obamacare this year. It’s clear that this law has already failed our country. Rest assured Republicans are not going to do what Democrats did when they passed this law without even knowing what was in the bill. Our plan to replace this legislation will be intentional; we will be transparent and communicate with you as we provide solutions and fix the problems Obamacare has caused.

We have already started to roll back the Obama Administration’s egregious regulations and executive overreach. I was pleased that the House passed my common-sense legislation, the SEC Regulatory Accountability Act, on the eighth legislative day of the new Congress. My bill will help drain the swamp that Washington bureaucrats have created over the past eight years.

Whether buying a car or choosing a college savings plan, every American family weighs the pros and cons before making major life decisions. The SEC Regulatory Accountability Act simply requires that the Securities and Exchange Commission engages in the same process and can justify that the benefits of a proposed regulation will outweigh its costs—something our regulators should already be doing.

Last Wednesday, January 11th, was National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. The St. Louis metro region has been identified as one of the top 20 hot spots for human trafficking in the country. That is why I introduced legislation last week, the Trafficking Survivors Relief Act, which would allow victims of sex trafficking to petition courts for relief from convictions related to non-violent crimes that were committed as a direct result of being trafficked, setting them on a course toward a successful future.

Last week, I was appointed to serve on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. This committee considers legislation that concerns U.S. relations with foreign countries, and I am thrilled to contribute my voice and experience as we confront the damage caused by eight years of failed Obama foreign policy. I am eager to work with my colleagues to rejuvenate American global leadership, fortify our alliances, and construct a credible political and security architecture that will deter aggression and promote U.S. values and interests. 


Ann Wagner
Member of Congress

If you’re heading to Washington, D.C., for the Inauguration of President Trump, helpful information about the ceremony, road closures and other logistics can be found here


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