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Dear Friend,

I want to begin this newsletter by taking a moment to send positive thoughts to a veteran in our community who is currently battling cancer. James Wiitamaki is bravely fighting in the St. Cloud VA hospital and is asking for letters in his final days. Our veterans have sacrificed and endured so much in order to take care of us and now it is our turn to take care of them. That is why I wrote James a letter thanking him for his courageous service to our nation, and I am asking that you do as well. Click here to learn more about where you can send the letters.

The Disastrous Effects of Dodd-Frank

This past week, I received a few questions as to why I support President Trump’s Executive Order on Dodd-Frank, so I want to go into more depth for you all. Six years ago, the American people were promised that Dodd-Frank would end Washington bailouts, protect consumers, and help achieve a more prosperous economy. However, Dodd-Frank has actually done the opposite.

In fact, under Dodd-Frank, the big banks and federal government continue to get bigger all while smaller banks and credit unions are being forced to close. In Minnesota alone, we have lost twenty-five percent of our community banks and credit unions since Dodd-Frank has been enacted. This cannot continue as it has had disastrous effects on our community. To learn more about the harm of Dodd-Frank, check out my Ask Tom Video below.

Legislation to Uphold the 4th Amendment

Over the past few decades we have seen technology become more advanced, however, our privacy protections from government intrusion have not kept up. As a matter of fact, the last time privacy protections were updated, the year was 1986. That is why, this past week, I spoke on the House Floor to promote the Email Privacy Act, which would transform the current laws and help to better uphold our 4th Amendment right. I am pleased the House passed this important legislation this week. To learn more, click on my speech below.

Check Out My Website

If you have any questions about legislation that I am working on, are wondering about the way I voted on a specific bill, where I stand on a specific issue, or want to know about upcoming events that my office will be holding, please visit my website at It is my job to keep you as informed as possible, and my website is a great tool to do just that!


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