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Remembering George H.W. Bush 

Cindy and I had the honor of attending the state funeral to celebrate the life and legacy of former President George H.W. Bush at the Washington National Cathedral earlier this month.  

President Bush was an example of servant leadership that we can all learn from. He was a veteran, a diplomat, an Intelligence Chief, a Vice President and a President. In all of these roles, he served with honor and virtue. 

The service for our former president was very touching. I particularly enjoyed George W. Bush's recollection of his father and his wonderful life. I am so grateful for George H.W. Bush's commitment to our American values. He will certainly be missed.


Celebrating the Christmas Spirit at 'Shop With a Cop'

It’s always great to see the wonderful things happening in our community. Christmas is a time of giving -- and this month, I was glad to have been invited to join an event celebrating the the spirit of generosity in Pennsylvania's 16th District. 

Year after year, our local police officers have found a way to give back to needy children in our community through the "Shop with a Cop" event. Our police officers shop with these kids as their "personal assistants" to help them buy presents for their families, friends and sometimes even themselves.  

Thank you to Trinity Lutheran Church for organizing this event and thank you to the Lancaster County police officers for reminding us the reason for the season.  

And a thank you to all our law enforcement officers for working so hard to keep us safe.  


Prioritizing Pennsylvania Farmers 

Our district is the largest agricultural district in the state -- and that means one of my biggest duties in Congress is to fight for our farmers. On Wednesday, the House passed the 2018 Farm Bill, which will help support our farmers who feed America.

Agriculture is our state's No. 1 industry and it's especially vital for our district. The agriculture industry supports more than 93,000 jobs in our district and contributes more than $16 billion to Pennsylvania's economy.  

Our farmers have fallen on hard times though -- and their incomes are currently at a 12-year low. This year's Farm Bill will help these struggling farmers get through tough times. 

Our district came away with some wins in the Farm Bill. We were able to reduce premiums on our dairy farmers' milk and my request of $75 million to combat the spotted lanternfly -- an invasive species threatening our local crops -- was also included in the final bill. 

Unfortunately, the bill which came back from the Senate eliminated key reforms to our SNAP programs. I hope we will reconsider these ideas. Those are reforms to improve people’s lives and help connect them to good-paying jobs – and those are reforms which will still be needed in the future. 


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Lloyd Smucker

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