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Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you my op-ed in the Hartford Courant on what needs to be done to address the pandemic.  Here’s an excerpt:

Newspaper accounts chronicle loved ones dying alone with families unable to be at their bedside, to speak or hold their hand. Isolated behind a glass window, they can only wave their final good-byes. This is how the coronavirus impacts the people of Connecticut.

It is absolutely heartbreaking. We applaud the valiant efforts of nurses, doctors and health care providers who are able to be at the bedsides of our loved ones. They have become the lone sentinels on the watch wall of the COVID-19 pandemic providing care and compassion.

Filled with grief and remorse, a nation and its stricken families struggle for answers to a global pandemic. There is no question that our physical health and our economic health are inextricably linked. There can be no economic recovery without the certainty that this virus is controlled and consumer confidence is restored.

To restore that confidence, a national effort must be marshaled by the federal government in strategic coordination with states and municipalities.

All the experts agree that testing, tracing, treatment, and vaccination are the keys. Without a nationally coordinated, science-based plan, this pandemic will continue to disrupt our health and our economic recovery. In addressing this global pandemic, the federal government must embrace the same principles that President Franklin Roosevelt did during the Great Depression. Then-Labor Secretary Frances Perkins and FDR knew that as they dealt with the immediate crisis, they had to also put forward plans for long-term structural solutions to prevent the reoccurrence of future crises.

The following are three commonsense proposals that follow the principle of dealing with the immediate crisis, while preparing for the future. These proposals are meant to be an integrated part of a comprehensive national strategy that will help all Americans.

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John B. Larson
Member of Congress


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