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Dear Friend,

An exciting aspect of the start of a new Congress is that we have the opportunity to change offices. I am proud to announce that my D.C. office is now located in 315 Cannon House Office Building, and in a fortunate twist, my office has an interesting bit of history behind it. To learn about the history behind my office, check out my Ask Tom video below where I give a tour of 315 Cannon.

My staff and I would be more than happy to personally show you around, so if you’re ever in D.C., please stop by!

Opening the Door for Change

On Thursday, I reintroduced the Cuba Trade Act, which would lift the Cuba embargo. This legislation will allow businesses in the private sector to trade freely with Cuba, but it will also prohibit taxpayer funds to be used in this new market.

It has become clear over the past fifty years that this embargo is a failed policy. I believe the time has come to open the door for change and instill a policy that will benefit both the American and Cuban people. By introducing American business and trade to the Cuban people, we are introducing them to democracy and capitalism. Additionally, more than seventy percent of Americans support lifting the embargo because of the positive effects it will have on our economy. The policies that we enact here in Congress must reflect the beliefs of the people, and I’m looking forward to doing just that with the Cuba Trade Act. Click here to check out my latest press release on this issue.

Rolling Back Regulations

Last week I spoke on the House Floor about the continued need to roll back unnecessary regulations, and this week we had additional votes to do just that. On Thursday, the House passed the Regulatory Accountability Act. This vital legislation will ensure that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) thoroughly examine every offered rule and force the SEC to anticipate the impact of the rule on our nation’s small businesses.

For the past eight years, unelected bureaucrats have imposed burdensome regulations without any interest in the negative impact that this would have on small businesses, which happen to be the backbone of our economy. I was happy to see this legislation pass the House, and I am looking forward to see it pass through the Senate as well!

Need Help?

Great news! My office will once again be holding mobile office hours. If you are having any difficulty with navigating a federal agency, I encourage you to stop by and speak to one of my amazing caseworkers, who will be able to guide you through the process. Information on where and when these mobile office hours will be held can be found here. And be sure to make it out to the next mobile office hours next Tuesday in Forest Lake. 

Please take two minutes to answer the following survey. Survey results will be posted on my Facebook and Twitter next week!

What do you believe is the top issue for legislators to tackle in the 115th Congress?
 ( )Repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act
 ( )Secure and strengthen our borders
 ( )Rollback burdensome and unecessary regulations
 ( )Invest in and improve our nation's transportation corridors
 ( )Reform the VA so our nation's veterans receive better care
 ( )Other (please specify)

Once again, thanks for staying up to date with the work I am doing here in Congress. Until next week…



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