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Dear Friends –

Every American knows how expensive prescription drugs can be. Tomorrow I’m participating in a hearing in the Ways and Means Committee on “Investing in the U.S. Health system by lowering drug prices, reducing out of pocket costs, and improving Medicare benefits.”

If you have experienced high prescription drug prices please share your story with my office here to use during the hearing.  (Only your first name, town, and story will be shared if you submit a response.)

Democrats are working to lower health care and prescription drug prices, and this week’s hearing is the first step.

Our bill, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act would:

  • Allow Medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies to bring drug prices down.
  • Make the lower drug prices negotiated by Medicare available to Americans with private insurance, not just Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Lower the cost of insulin and 8,000 other vital drugs that Americans have skipped because of their high cost due to inflation.
  • Reinvest in innovation and the search for new cures and treatments at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

I’m proud to be a cosponsor of this vital legislation to lower prescription drug costs for all Americans.

John B. Larson
Member of Congress


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