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A Big Win for Our Dairy Farmers

I recently hosted a roundtable discussion for my freshman colleagues with United States Trade Representatives Robert Lighthizer to discuss our districts' priorities and what needs to be done to support American farmers and manufacturers.

Great news! This week, President Trump announced his administration reached an agreement with Canada and Mexico that will update the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This new trade agreement, called USMCA, is a big win for our local dairy farmers.

Since President Trump took office, I've been working with his administration to ensure the priorities of Pennsylvania farmers are taken into consideration while negotiations were ongoing. I've spoken directly with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer about Canada's unfair trade practices that hurt dairy farmers in our district. 

The new trade agreement announced by President Trump makes it easier for American dairy farmers to sell their products in Canada. For years, Canada has been imposing tariffs as high as 300 percent on American dairy products -- but that would end with this new agreement.

This outstanding development of opening new markets that benefit our dairy farmers would not have happened without the input I received from constituents and farmers in our community. Together we've been able to shape trade policy that will help farms of all sizes in our district. You can learn more about this important development here.

Here's Lloyd!

You can use the interactive map above to see the many different schools, volunteer organizations, manufacturers, and small businesses I've visited since taking office. If you'd like to invite me to visit you or an organization, send me an invitation here. You can also schedule a meeting with me in one of my offices here.

You can use the map here and by clicking on the image above.

Since taking office, my staff and I have traveled more than 18,000 miles to meet with constituents. Between all my offices, I've hosted more than 500 meetings with constituents to hear about what's on their mind, and I've participated in 158 events with local businesses, schools, civic organizations, forums with constituents, or community resource centers. You can see all these events using the map. In fact, I've supported more than 65 bills in the House of Representatives directly because of these important meetings -- that's about 1/3 of all the legislation I've cosponsored since taking office.

I'm also extraordinarily proud of the casework my office has been able to complete for constituents. More than 1,800 cases have been completed, and $640,478 has been returned to constituents. The top four federal agencies with which you've requested help are the Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of States, and Department of Treasury.

If you need help with a federal agency, my office can often help to cut through some of Washington's red tape. I'd encourage you to contact my district office at (717) 393-0667 if I can help in any way.

Tax Reform 2.0

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers visited our district last year to discuss tax reform. We're pictured above at Star Rock Farms in Conestoga, Pa.

Last week, the House of Representatives passed a series of bills, known as Tax Reform 2.0, that will further improve the federal tax code for American families, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. 

Since tax reform was implemented last year, I've been hearing from constituents about ways to build on that success. I heard that you want and deserve permanent tax relief so you can keep more of your own money for years to come. You should be able to save money more easily, and American innovators shouldn't be held back by outdated tax laws that stifle growth.

Tax Reform 2.0 delivers these priorities for the American people. Last year's individual tax cuts are made permanent, new Universal Savings Accounts (USA) allow families to decide how to save and spend their money, and entrepreneurs will be able to write-off more start-up costs to make it easier to more from a home office to Main Street.

Our economy is humming. Updating our federal tax code has already resulted in lower unemployment rates, rising wages, a decline in poverty, and an increase in federal revenue. But I want as many people as possible to participate in, and benefit from, our recent economic gains. Tax Reform 2.0 continues to ensure more opportunity is available to more people.

You can learn all the details of Tax Reform 2.0, including a breakdown of all the bills we passed, here.

Fighting Reckless Government Spending, Demanding Accountability

Congress recently passed a massive government spending bill with the clock running down towards a government shutdown. I voted against this legislation, and I want to share with you the reasons why.

Congress has been here too many times before - taking government funding down to the wire, spending way too much money, and refusing to make meaningful reforms. In fact, Congress has been in this situation 7 times since I took office in January of 2017. What's the point of having a legislative process if Congress can't take its job seriously and be good stewards of taxpayer dollars? I simply could not vote for more spending, especially with our backs against the wall.

I support several of the provisions included in the spending bill, like funding our military, stepping up our fight against the opioid epidemic, and improving school safety - and I've taken numerous votes to advance each of those priorities. But we can and should do those things in a fiscally responsible manner because that's exactly what the taxpayers expect. This legislation feeds Washington's addiction to spending instead of curbing it, and grows the size of a bloated federal government. The American people deserve better.

I've been working in the House to reform the federal budget process so that it works more efficiently and effectively. You can learn about these budget reform efforts here, and share with me your thoughts on this topic by sending me an email here.

Budget Committee Member Spotlight

Speaking of my work on the House Budget Committee, I recently was featured as part of the committee's Member Spotlight series. Click here or click the image above to watch the short video where I explain what the committee has been working on, and why that work is so important to getting our nation on a health fiscal path. 

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Lloyd Smucker

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