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Thank you for subscribing to my E-Newsletter! This week I want to share with you some of my work and meetings with constituents in Pennsylvania during the recent district work period. I also sat down with Matt Maisel at Fox43 to discuss my recently-introduced bipartisan legislation to improve mental health services for our service men and women. 

I enjoy hearing from you and responding to your questions via email, phone calls, and letters. If you'd like to share your concerns or opinions with me, or if you have questions about legislation or specific votes, you can send me an email here. To stay up-to-date on my work in Pennsylvania and Washington, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out my YouTube page where there are 100+ videos, many of which are direct responses to your questions.

A Busy District Work Period

One of my visits during the August district work period was to Dutch Meadows Farm where I got back to my Amish roots and was able to drive a buggy pulled by a horse named Beauty.

I had a wonderful time during the August district work period meeting with and hearing from so many constituents. Our congressional district is home to dozens of manufacturers, volunteer organizations, and educational institutes that benefit our community and those who live here. I was so glad to travel all around our district, and I want to share with you this short video that recaps our time together in the district.

Here's Lloyd!

You can use the interactive map above to see the many different schools, volunteer organizations, manufacturers, and small businesses I've visited since taking office. If you'd like to invite me to visit you, you can send me an invitation here. You can also schedule a meeting with me in one of my offices here.

You can view the map here and by clicking the image above.

Since taking office, my staff and I have traveled more than 18,000 miles to meet with constituents. Between all my offices, I've hosted more than 500 meetings with constituents to hear about what's on their mind, and I've participated in 158 events with local businesses, schools, civic organizations, forums with constituents, or community resource centers. You can see all these events with the map above. In fact, I've supported more than 65 bills in the House directly because of these important meetings -- that's about 1/3 of all the legislation I've cosponsored since taking office.

I'm also extraordinarily proud of the casework my office has been able to complete for constituents. More than 1,800 cases have been completed, and $640,478 has been returned to constituents. The top four federal agencies with which you've requested help are the Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of State, and Department of Treasury.

If you need help with a federal agency, my office can often help to cut through some of Washington's red tape. I'd encourage you to contact my district office at 717-393-0667 if I can help you in any way.

Bipartisan Warrior Wellness Act

I sat down with Matt Maisel from Fox43 to discuss my recently-introduced bipartisan legislation to improve the mental health services provided to service men and women by the Department of Defense. You can watch the interview here.

Some of the greatest wounds inflicted upon our brave service men and women are unseen. We should be doing everything we can to treat these wounds as we would any other. Ensuring our troops have access to high-quality mental health services and are properly evaluated and treated is critical to their safety, the safety of their fellow soldiers, and the effectiveness of our national defense.

I'm glad to work across the aisle in a bipartisan fashion with Rep. Salud Carbajal on behalf of our service members and their families. You can read more about this important legislation here.


The Positive Impact of Tax Reform

It's been nine months since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law by President Trump. Since then, our economy has shifted into overdrive, creating jobs and more opportunity for everyone. Paychecks are going up, utility bills are going down, and in April, my constituents will experience a more straightforward, simplified filing process.

It's also been recently reported that the poverty rate in America has gone down. More than 1.3 million fewer Americans are living below the poverty line while median household income is rising. With more than 6 million jobs available right now, I've been working in Congress to close the skills gap and help those I represent obtain the skills necessary to get a good-paying, family-sustaining jobs. You can read about those efforts here.

Matt Maisel from Fox43 and I also discussed this stellar economic news when I visited him this week. You can watch that interview here. You can also read testimonials from members of our community about how tax reform is helping them and their families here. I'd encourage you to share with me how tax reform is impacting you and your family by sending me an email here.

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Lloyd Smucker

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