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The 2019 hurricane season is already underway, and I'm continuing to work to ensure North Carolina communities still reeling from Florence get the federal resources they need. I'm also standing strong in opposition to a House Democrat agenda out of touch with hardworking families in our district. Read more about both of these topics and more below. 

Hurricane Relief Update

I’m pleased to report that Congress has finally approved a $19.1 billion bipartisan disaster relief package after months of negotiations — particularly for our farm families who will be receiving their very first bit of federal assistance to help them recover from the absolute wipeout of Hurricane Florence.  The other resources being provided will help enable a stronger recovery for all of our communities so hard hit by Florence, including our military installations. President Trump signed this legislation into law and these relief dollars will soon be flowing into our communities.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to work to get relief resources into the hands of North Carolinians in need.

I was pleased to recently host a Hurricane Recovery Roundtable in Burgaw. This was our second Recovery Roundtable this year, and I hope the attendees present were able to walk away from the event having learned something they didn't know, or to connect with a service provider that can help them resolve the recovery challenges they face. Watch WWAY's coverage of the roundtable below:


I've also joined several members of both parties -- and Sen. Thom Tillis -- to introduce legislation that would speed the release of $16 billion in disaster funding approved by Congress last year. Congress acted last year to appropriate disaster relief funding. But more than a year later, these dollars have yet to be directed to where they’re needed most. Our legislation directs Washington to release the funds Congress has already approved to help North Carolina rebuild from Florence and prepare for future storms.

Lastly, we've recently updated our Hurricane Recovery Resources page on my website. If you're still recovering from Hurricane Florence, be sure to visit this page.

Congressional Art Competition

Congratulations to Hobbton High School's Maegen Hering on her selection as this year's winner of the 7th Congressional District Art Competition. Maegen's piece, entitled "Pig in Sunset", will be displayed in the halls of the U.S. Capitol along with winners from other congressional districts across the country.

Thousands of Americans from every corner of the nation will view her work as they pass by it in the Capitol each day. It's a true showcase of the outstanding, talented young people in North Carolina -- and here in the 7th District in particular. I'm proud she'll be representing us among the winners.


"Pig in Sunset" by Maegen Hering

Standing Against a Left-Wing Agenda

House Democrats continue to pursue a left-wing agenda out of touch with the needs and values of hardworking North Carolina families. The latest example: the House recently passed an extreme, pro-amnesty immigration bill that provides a safe haven for criminals and gang members. It does nothing to secure the border or address the current humanitarian and security crisis we face.

The bill provided a mass amnesty for millions of people and would open the floodgates for individuals to try to come to the country illegally. The CBO predicted the price tag of the Democrats’ amnesty boondoggle could cost nearly $35 billion. 

Meanwhile, the crisis at the border continues to worsen. My Republican colleagues and I have tried on 17 different occasions to bring to the House floor legislation that provides $4.5 billion in humanitarian assistance to alleviate the crisis at the border. 

I opposed the Democrats' mass-amnesty legislation. Know that I'll continue standing up for North Carolina families and against the Democrats' radical agenda.

Helping Veterans Protect Their Credit

It's a problem my office and I have encountered all too frequently: a veteran receives emergency or other medical care from a non-VA provider, but the VA reimburses the provider late, or not at all. The result is a hit to the veteran's credit history.

Unfortunately, my office has worked with many veterans who have seen their credit destroyed through no fault of their own because of delayed payments by the VA. Even worse, many of these veterans have no idea a late VA payment has hurt their credit until they go to apply for a credit card, a mortgage, or an auto loan. By then, the damage is done.

It's why I've introduced the Veterans' Credit Protection Act. It directs the VA to proactively reach out to veterans to inform them of how to resolve credit issues caused by a delayed payment, document the number of veterans adversely impacted by late payments, and present a plan to Congress for improving timely payment procedures.

It's my hope this bill will help reduce the backlog of payments and help veterans resolve credit issues when they occur.

Please feel free to contact me if there's any way my office can be helpful to you. And please take a moment to follow my Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest on my work on your behalf. 


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