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Dear Friend,

Tuesday marked the first day of open enrollment for Obamacare, and like many anticipated, it did not exactly go well. Within hours of opening, MNSure’s website was experiencing technical difficulties- making it impossible for some to enroll at all. 

Experiences like this are just one of the many problems with Obamacare. Additionally, throughout Minnesota, we have seen premiums skyrocket as high as sixty-seven percent. For many Minnesota families, this increase has been crippling, causing many families to actually choose to go uninsured and pay the tax penalty.

I assure you that I will not sit by and allow these failures to continue. That is why today, I, along with some of our state legislators, held an Affordable Care Act Roundtable to discuss possible solutions. We were joined by healthcare providers throughout the state, small business owners, and Minnesotans who have been negatively impacted by this legislation.

The Importance of Adoption

As the father of seven beautiful children, I know that parenthood is a gift. I consider it my biggest fortune in life to be a father and watch my children grow into amazing, well-rounded individuals.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a family. There are so many couples across this nation struggling to complete their family, and so many children hoping to become a part of one.

That is why for National Adoption Awareness Month, I wanted to emphasize the importance of adoption and to highlight a family in my district with a beautiful adoption story. To read my post on National Adoption Awareness Month, click here.

Interns Needed

If you are a college student with an interest in the federal government, be sure to apply for the spring internships that are offered in both my Washington D.C. or District offices. These internships are an exciting way to learn about the legislative process, as well as the many other functions of a congressional office. This internship is a unique experience because of the extensive networking opportunities as well as having access to some of this nation’s most influential political leaders. To learn more and to apply, click here.

Once again, thank you for staying up to date with my work in Minnesota and Washington D.C. Until next week…



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