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Dear Friend,

There has been no bigger economic threat to middle-class Minnesotans than Obamacare. While we have seen the issues with Obamacare dramatically impact people from all over our state and nation over the past few years - perhaps the biggest hit has come over the span of this past month. 

News recently broke reporting that premiums in Minnesota are set to increase between fifty and sixty-seven percent. Most families simply cannot afford this dramatic increase - nor should they have to. These hikes are so high in fact, that many families are choosing to pay for Obamacare’s tax penalty rather than pay for these rising premiums. I think it’s safe to say that if a health care system’s fines outweigh its benefits, it is not a system worth keeping.

I am definitely interested in hearing how Obamacare has affected your family, so if you are interested in sharing your story with me, click here.

No Way to Treat Our Vets

Earlier this week, it came to light that thousands of California veterans were on the verge of being forced to pay back reenlistment bonuses that they had received ten years ago. At that time, we were in the midst of military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in desperate need of our service members. This was definitely no way to repay these brave folks, who came to our nation’s aid when so many others would not.

That is why this past week, I joined many of my colleagues in the House of Representatives in signing a letter to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to request that the Pentagon stop all efforts to recover these bonuses while they thoroughly review this situation and ensure that our service members are taken care of. I was incredibly happy to learn that on Wednesday, the Pentagon listened and suspended their attempts to make these veterans repay the bonuses. Our veterans do not deserve this type of treatment, and I strongly believe that we must all work to ensure that nothing this unjust ever happens again.

STEM for All

Wednesday was the STEM Education Coalition’s National Day of Action, so I wanted to make sure to express my support for strengthening science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills across the state and our nation. In order for the United States to remain competitive in a world that is increasingly dominated by technology, we must make sure that our students are proficient in these areas. That is why this week, I made sure to visit the St. Cloud Math and Science Academy, which emphasizes these critical skills.

To further advance STEM skills across the nation, my office is also inviting students from our district to participate in the Congressional App Challenge. This exciting challenge helps students build necessary STEM skills by encouraging them to compete against their classmates in creating their own software application for mobile devices. If this is something that you or someone you know may be interested in, there is still time. The deadline is November 2, 2016 at midnight- so get creating today! Click here to learn more.

Once again, thanks for staying up to date with the work that I am doing in Minnesota and Washington D.C. Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend! Until next week….



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