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Dear Friend,

Wednesday was National Farmers Day, so I wanted to be sure to take the time to honor the men and women who work seven days a week to ensure that our communities are fed and that our economy continues to thrive. That is why on Monday, I spoke at the United States Department of Agriculture in support of Minnesota’s agriculture industry and the people who make it so successful. 

I also used this week’s Ask Tom video to celebrate Minnesota’s farmers and highlight the need to cultivate tomorrows generation of farmers. While our agricultural industry is currently thriving as a result of our farmers - some concerning studies have shown that interest in agricultural careers are steadily declining. I believe that it is crucial to keep young Americans interested in careers in agriculture, which is why we must work with our farmers to promote ag friendly policies.

To learn more about the need to ensure that tomorrow's generation of farmers know the same success as today’s farmers, click on my Ask Tom video below.

Just Tagging Along

One of the major bonuses of my job is that I get to meet many Minnesotans from all walks of life, who have many different professions. Sometimes I even get to tag along with these people while they perform their jobs. This week I was especially lucky because I got to tag along with the UPS and the St. Cloud Police Department.

On Wednesday morning, I followed a local UPS driver as he delivered packages throughout Minnesota’s Sixth District. I had a blast learning the ropes and even helped in delivering some of the packages.

On Wednesday evening, I had the chance to ride along with a few St. Cloud police officers as they performed their night shift. Riding along with these officers confirmed what I already knew- that this country, and Minnesota in particular, has phenomenal law enforcement officers. It was such an honor to spend some time with these brave individuals in blue, who put their lives on the line every day to ensure the safety and security of our communities. We absolutely cannot take their acts of heroism for granted.

Thank you to the St. Cloud Police Department for allowing me to tag along, but more importantly, thank you for everything you do!

Don’t Forget!

Tomorrow I will be hosting a Veterans Resource Fair for Minnesota’s veterans. Our nation’s heroes have done so much to help us and this nation- so we must absolutely do the same for them. I hope to see many veterans, their families, and those who support them at the fair tomorrow!

The Deadline Is Quickly Approaching...

If you haven't already heard, my office is participating in the Congressional App Challenge once again. This challenge offers high school students the chance to compete against their classmates in creating their own apps for mobile devices. The submission period ends on November 2nd, so be sure to grab a friend and start creating today! To learn more about the Congressional App Challenge, click here.

Once again, thanks for keeping up with the work that I am doing for Minnesota’s Sixth District! Until next week…



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