News from Representative Rouzer


Dear Friends,

This week, President Trump laid out a visionary agenda for a strong, secure and more prosperous America.  Tremendous progress has already been made on many fronts in just the last two years while we had a Republican majority in both the House and Senate, including:

  • Cutting taxes for working families and doubling the child tax credit;
  • Doubling the exemption for the estate tax, commonly referred to as the “death tax,” on small businesses and family farms;
  • Eliminating the individual mandate under Obamacare;
  • Cutting onerous rules and regulations;
  • Making critical investments to rebuild our military and protect our nation at home and abroad;
  • Ensuring our law enforcement officers have the necessary resources to combat the opioid epidemic;
  • Providing certainty for our farm families under the Farm Bill;
  • Making historic reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs;
  • Achieving criminal justice reform;
  • Passing comprehensive legislation to help curb the opioid epidemic and more.

Under President Trump’s leadership and in coordination with a Republican Majority in both the House and Senate during the past two years, our country has experienced tremendous growth driven by the landmark Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and numerous regulations that have been repealed.  These policies have led to a strong economic boom creating 5.3 million new jobs, historic wage growth, and very low unemployment.  From a foreign policy and national security perspective, the President has re-established our nation's role as the greatest force for good that mankind has ever known.  

If every member of Congress would be willing to come to the table to negotiate with the President, there is no limit to the incredible progress that could be achieved to reform our immigration laws and improve border security, rebuild our infrastructure, lower the cost of good quality healthcare and prescription drugs, and grow our economy even more so that every American has an even greater opportunity to get ahead.  I encourage all of my colleagues to focus on the significant opportunity we have to make a difference for the country.  The American people deserve no less.


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