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Dear Friends,

This week House Democrats brought H.R. 268, Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2019, to the floor.  This supplemental appropriations bill was nothing more than a political "gotcha" vote designed to go after Republicans by coupling disaster relief, which includes language that I have co-authored, with a Continuing Resolution all the while knowing it would not be considered by the Senate or signed by the President. 

In other words, the vote was nothing more than a political sham. 

President Trump has made clear his commitment to negotiating with Democrats; however, Democrats refuse to come to the table or present a counteroffer.  I stand with President Trump and urge my Democrat colleagues to stop the political stunts and do what is right -- work towards a bipartisan agreement that will properly fund border security and re-open those portions of the government that are affected by the shutdown.

For more on the crisis at the border, please click here to watch my floor speech on the need for strong border security.


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