News from Representative Tom Emmer

Dear Friend,

My third week of the August District Work Period was nothing but a success as I had the chance to join numerous meetings with different businesses and organizations throughout Minnesota, as well as host my first Financial Services Roundtable. 

On Monday, I toured Viking Coca Cola in St. Cloud to meet the hardworking people employed there. It was wonderful to learn about a locally owned franchise, as well as the great products and business that they bring to the area.

While on my tour I learned that due to the company’s hard work they will be expanding their distribution territory to northern Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. It is so great to see a Sixth District based company having such great success! Congrats Viking Coca Cola!

On Tuesday, I got to hang out with Minnesota’s Civil Air Patrol to learn all about the services they provide and have provided to our nation each and every day. I even had the chance to enjoy a flight with a member of the Civil Air Patrol. 

On Thursday, I toured the Hazelden Rehabilitation Center in Plymouth. Opioid abuse and drug addiction is a huge issue in our country, so much so, that we even see it in small town Minnesota. Last month, I joined the majority of my colleagues to pass the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016, which would fight opioid abuse by expanding much needed prevention and recovery programs like Hazelden. 

It was fantastic to meet with the caring people of Hazelden, and I truly believe that with their hard work, we are one step closer to an opioid free Minnesota. 

Today, I held my first Financial Services Roundtable with many business and financial leaders throughout Minnesota. The main topic of conversation in this meeting was the Department of Labor’s troubling fiduciary rule. 

Once enacted, the fiduciary rule will mainly hurt low and middle income Minnesotan’s who are trying to save for retirement. Unfortunately, those most impacted by this rule are not yet aware of the consequences. One attempt to overturn this rule has already occurred when the House and Senate voted on House Joint Resolution 88, which the President then vetoed. 

The goal of this roundtable was to not only discuss our concerns that surround the fiduciary rule, but to lay out the groundwork to ensure that the fiduciary rule does not hurt hardworking Minnesotans. As the Representative for Minnesota’s Sixth District, it is my job to ensure that Minnesotans are not burdened by inflexible and unnecessary regulations, and for as long as I hold office, I promise to do just that.  

Once again, thanks for staying up to date on the work that I am doing in both Minnesota and Washington D.C.



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