News from Representative Tom Emmer

Dear Friend,

We are well into our District Work Period and I am absolutely loving my time spent in the best place in the world: Minnesota. I view this next month as the perfect time to spend meeting with the fine people of Minnesota’s Sixth District, touring businesses, answering questions, and hearing concerns.

This week alone I had a number of meetings including the Cooperative Network, Sign Zone, and attended many great events such as the grand opening of Athlos Academy and a Coffee with your Congressman event hosted by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. 

Highway 10 Transportation Town Hall
One of the major highlights from this busy week was the tour of Highway 10 that I took on Tuesday. We hosted this tour in order to learn about the transportation issues currently plaguing Highway 10 and how they affect businesses and commerce along this vital corridor. This transportation town hall tour began in Blaine and ended in St. Cloud, with numerous stops along the way.

We began at the Anoka County Airport in Blaine. As the busiest reliever airport in Minnesota, this hub services between 80,000 to 90,000 flight operations per year. Due to the amount of air traffic that this airport sees annually, it is absolutely vital to our economy by boosting trade, travel, and commerce. 

After the airport, we made my way to the McDonalds located on Highway 10 in Anoka. During this stop, I had the chance to speak with franchise owners, Kris and Tim Genck, as well as the Director of Operations, Lori Smith, and the Manager, Lisa Mahle. This stop gave us the great opportunity to discuss the benefits that Highway 10 changes could have on businesses in the area in addition to the creation of jobs. 


For my third stop on the tour, we visited Vision Ease Lens in Ramsey. Vision Ease is a fantastic business that is a principal manufacturer of quality ophthalmic lenses. As one of the leaders in their industry, and with the mission to sell an incredible product and maintain strong partnerships, Vision Ease depends on Highway 10 more than ever to tap into the global market.

Next, we visited another Ramsey business called Connexus Energy. Connexus Energy is situated on the North Star Corridor which runs from St. Cloud to Anoka, and serves an astonishing 128,000 members. This company plays a great role in Minnesota’s success as it provides power to many different homes and businesses, making the Highway 10 corridor absolutely crucial.


Our last stop of the tour was St. Cloud, Minnesota, where I met with the St. Cloud Area Planning Commission to discuss St. Cloud’s transportation priorities as well as pedestrian concerns along Highway 10. 

I am so appreciative of all of the people and businesses that participated in this tour. Transportation is a critical function of the government and it is my job as Representative to ensure that Minnesota’s roads and highways are functional. It is because of our roadways that our communities and businesses are able to grow and thrive, so for as long as I hold this seat, I vow to make transportation my number one priority.

Once again, thanks for staying up to date on the work I am doing in Minnesota and Washington D.C. Until next week…


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