Thank you for subscribing to my E-Newsletter! I wanted to email you today to share with you my column in Sunday's LNP about some of the many things we've accomplished together. Also take a look below to see photos from the last two weeks, and use my new "Here's Lloyd" map to see where exactly I am in our district.

Constituent Contact Takes Many Forms

When I took office in January 2017, I committed myself to representing you and your families so the policies enacted in Washington work for our community. By working together, we've been successful in advancing and enacting reforms that have direct, positive impacts on our district.

For instance, during the debate on the new Republican tax law, I heard from thousands of constituents concerned about losing the ability to deduct medical expenses from their taxable income. I shared your concerns with the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, as well as its members on both sides of the aisle. The final version of the bill retained the medical expense deduction.

When I attended the Pennsylvania Farm Show earlier this year and participated in a roundtable discussion with members of our agriculture community and local and state officials, I heard about the serious threat posed by the spotted lanternfly — an invasive species threatening crops in Pennsylvania. With the support of farmers and local officials, I pushed for increased funding to help mitigate the threat and protect our crops. Since then, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has allocated more than $17 million to stop the spread of the spotted lanternfly in Pennsylvania, and Congress approved more than $60 million for plant pest and disease management.  

I share these examples because it’s important we understand the real impact made when we work together. This effort takes sustained involvement from our community and constant contact with constituents — and it’s why I work hard to meet with and engage with constituents on a regular basis.

Read my full column here.

Here's Lloyd!

You can use the interactive map above to see the different schools, volunteer organizations, and small businesses I've visited since taking office. Additionally, you can see some stats about my effort to take your ideas and concerns to Washington. For instance:

  • My local staff and I have traveled more than 18,000 miles in our congressional district to meet with constituents
  • I've hosted 118 meetings with constituents in my Lancaster office, Chester County mobile office, and Berks County mobile office
  • My casework staff has completed nearly 1,000 cases, returning approximately $452,000 back to constituents

You can view the map and stats here and by clicking on the image above.

District Work Period Photos

Hempfield High School

Students at Hempfield High School participated in SIFMA Foundation's Capitol Hill Challenge - The Stock Market Game. It's an exciting national financial education and literacy competition for junior high and high school students. I visited the school to answer students' questions and to congratulate and get their feedback about the Capitol Hill Challenge!


Ephrata Area School District

I joined Google for Education and fifth grade students at Ephrata Intermediate School for an event introducing students to computer coding. This introduction can help open up new opportunities and ideas for young students. I was really impressed by the students' engagement in their work!


UPS Facility in Lancaster

I visited the UPS facility on Enterprise Road in Lancaster to learn more about their operation. I had a chance to hear from employees before their day got started and the drivers got on the road. UPS announced earlier this year that, because of the new Republican tax law, they are investing $12 billion to expand the company's Smart Logistics Network and significantly increase pension funding.


H.M. Stauffer

I was in Leola to visit H.M. Stauffer - one of the premier manufacturing operations in the Mid Atlantic region. Initially they were a lumber, coal, and feed supplier for Lancaster County, but today they manufacture structural building components and treated products. If you'd like to invite me to visit your place of work, you can do so here.


Together Community Center

Parents, teachers, local officials, volunteers, and the United Way have teamed up to create a new pre-K classroom at the Together Community Center in Paradise, Lancaster County. I attended a roundtable discussion where we talked about the importance of pre-K education and their Bold Goals initiative to expand childhood education programs. I'm pictured above reading "Number One Sam" to the students. If you'd like to invite me to visit your school, you can do so here.


Blue Ridge Cable Channel 11

I sat down with Samantha Crawford from BRC Channel 11 in Ephrata to discuss my efforts to combat the opioid epidemic with my new legislation that provides funding to help communities respond to the needs of low-income families and those in crisis because of opioids. You can watch that interview here. We also discussed my new effort to provide justice to victims of sexual assault by working to reduce the rape kit backlog. This is an important issue, and you can watch us discuss it here.


You can stay up-to-date on what I'm doing in Washington and Pennsylvania by following me on Twitter and Facebook.


Lloyd Smucker

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