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Dear Friends,

The 7th Congressional District of North Carolina is comprised of nine counties with a wide range of communities from urban to very rural.  As the case throughout the country, there are unique challenges presented by the opioid epidemic with a variety of initiatives occurring in many of our communities aimed at curbing this scourge.  In an effort to further advance the conversation and provide a forum to channel ideas, knowledge of resources available and best practices, I am hosting a 7th Congressional District Opioid Symposium at the end of this month focusing on the main categories of stigma, rehabilitation, prevention, and enforcement.

The objective of the Symposium is to spark meaningful dialogue district-wide, laying out ideas, initiatives and programs both from within the state and nationally.  It will also serve as a resource for those who are either struggling or have a loved one struggling with addiction to learn where they can go for treatment and recovery in all nine counties across the 7th District.

The Symposium will be held on Monday, July 30th in Wilmington at the Coastline Conference & Event Center located on 501 Nutt Street.  Due to maximum capacity levels at the Coastline Conference & Event Center, those wishing to attend the event in Wilmington are urged to respond using this link.

For those in the northern part of the 7th District who are unable to attend the event in Wilmington, there will be a simulcast of the Symposium at the Maxwell Regional Agriculture and Convention Center located at 3114 Wayne Memorial Drive in Goldsboro. 

In an effort to make the event as accessible as possible, the Opioid Symposium will also be streamed live via our Facebook and Youtube pages. 

Please be sure to spread the word about the 7th District Opioid Symposium and call our Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-2731 with any questions.



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