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Rep. Smucker and WGAL's Mike Straub Discuss School Safety Measures in the House and the March for Our Lives


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Rep. Smucker on March for Our Lives

"It's really refreshing to see how students have engaged, and I think will...really help us find solutions."

Rep. Smucker on School Safety

"We want kids to feel safe when they are studying in our schools. Schools need to be a place where they can learn without fear for their safety."

Mike Straub on School Safety Measures Supported by Rep. Smucker

"He voted in favor for recent Safe Schools Act - a bill that frees up federal dollars for school districts to spend as they see fit. For example, training teachers to recognize potential threats, and adding new ways for schools to respond."

Rep. Smucker on System Failures and Background Check System

"We have to ensure that that can't happen. Anyone who wants to harm someone else, or even themselves, should not have access to firearms, should not be able to own firearms."

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Rep. Smucker Answers Constituent Letter on School Safety and Guns

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Rep. Smucker on School Safety

"Like all of us, I believe our children and our students should always feel safe when they go to school. So we can, and we should, routinely evaluate the security protocols so that our schools are safe, healthy, productive learning environments where students can go to learn and go to dream big."

Rep. Smucker on the Background Check System

"I supported bipartisan legislation that passed the House to increase funding for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which we often refer to as 'NICS.' The increased funds would help states clear backlogs to help ensure that prohibited individuals aren't able to purchase firearms. In order for this background check system to work, we have to make sure that it's up-to-date, and that states are doing their part to input all of the relevant data."

Rep. Smucker on Bump Stocks

"I was glad to see the president take action to get rid of bump stocks. Like many of us, I first learned such a thing as bump stocks even existed after one was used to kill 59 and injure hundreds more in Las Vegas last year. Fully-automatic firearms are already outlawed - they've not been available for purchase for years. And it's my opinion that if a device makes a firearm operate like a fully-automatic one, we should ban that device as well."

Rep. Smucker on the STOP School Violence Act

"Another action that we took in the House just recently was we passed the STOP School Violence Act. I voted for this legislation because it increases funding for evidence-based safety programs that include such things as violence prevention training, anonymous reporting systems, crisis intervention teams, local law enforcement coordination, and deterrent devices. And exactly how those funds would be used can be decided at the local level.

"It also includs a provision that I cosponsored that would enable more federal dollars to be used to harden classrooms - preventing access by violent individuals - and reducing the response time in the case of an emergency."

You can watch the full video here

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