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December 20, 2017

Tax Cuts for Christmas

IT'S OFFICIAL: This week, both the House and the Senate passed the historic tax cuts and reforms package, marking the largest tax cuts and overhaul of our tax code since the Reagan Administration in 1986. The bill will be signed by President Trump in the coming days.

The forgotten men and women of our country voted to elect President Trump and a Republican Congress to fix our broken tax code that taxes Americans too highly, ships their jobs overseas, and directly undermines the fundamental principles that make America great. The results are now delivered.

Finally, the American people are getting their money back. Finally, we're making American businesses more competitive at home. And finally, we're igniting the kind of economic growth and job creation that every American deserves.

This is history being made. Led by the President, we're ushering in a new era of pro-family, pro-business, ‘America first’ kind of government. Business as usual is over.

To read my full statement, click here. I also joined my friend Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, shortly after the House vote, to recap and preview the upcoming effects of the bill. You can watch the full segment here.

Interviewing with Lou Dobbs

This was the scene, waiting for the President to arrive at the White House for the tax cuts celebration 

The United States Stands with Israel, Once Again

Major news from this week: the United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have required the President to rescind the declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's undivided capital. This resolution was the most significant part of a barrage of anti-Israel attacks from the UN in recent weeks and months.

I give President Trump and Ambassador Nikki Haley a standing ovation for this move. The United Nations' constant attempts to delegitimize Israel in the Middle East while undermining the United States' sovereignty are shameful. By vetoing today’s resolution, America is sending a crystal clear message that we will no longer tolerate the UN's blatant anti-Israel bias that does far more damage than assistance toward peace efforts in the region. 

My full statement is here.

Ambassador Nikki Haley, voting against the anti-Israel resolution in the UN (from Times of Israel)

Good to be Home

Below are a few highlights from mine and Debbie’s weekend in Western North Carolina before returning to Washington to finish up Congressional work for the year. It’s always a blessing to be home. 

The beautiful scene arriving in Western NC

At the beautiful Brookstone Church foyer in Weaverville

Getting our Christmas shopping done for our granddaughter, Autumn

Team Meadows Serves Hendersonville Rescue Mission

I’m thankful for my outstanding staff and their dedication to giving back to the community. This week, they had the opportunity to serve lunch at the Hendersonville Rescue Mission—something we've been able to do every year. The people there are wonderful.

Many thanks to the Rescue Mission team for having us, and Merry Christmas from Team Meadows!

My team members, left to right: Martha Peterson, Jordan Whisnant, and Jenny Maybin

My team members, left to right: Clay McCreary, Wayne King, and Beverly Elliott

Regulatory Reform Continues

President Trump’s administration is continuing to set records in the rollback of our out of control regulatory state. Some of the numbers from this first year are unbelievable:

- In year one, the U.S. has added zero new regulatory costs
- In fact, the U.S. has actually achieved regulatory SAVINGS this year for the first time in decades
- In just one year, the White House canceled 1,500 planned regulations that were deemed costly, unnecessary, and over-reaching
- When he took office, President Trump set a goal of eliminating two old regulations for every new regulation--the WH has actually eliminated 22 outdated regulations for every new one enacted. That's a 22/1 ratio.

This is the type of bold regulatory reform that has been so desperately needed for job creators and our economy. This is what the forgotten men and women voted for. This is draining the swamp.

Watch a portion of the President’s speech on the issue here. You can also click here to read my full statement on the reforms, including a portion about my “one in, two out” bill to codify the President’s directive into law.

President Trump ‘cutting the red tape’ between a stack of today’s regulatory code vs. the code in 1960

Merry Christmas from the Meadows Family

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year—we hope you and your loved ones have a blessed and fruitful time together as we celebrate the gift of Emmanuel, ‘God with us.’ And to those fighting overseas, or families who may be separated from loved ones serving in the military—please know that we are ESPECIALLY thinking of and praying for you this Christmas. Without you, none of the things we celebrate in America would be possible. 

May God bless you in the days and weeks to come.

The Meadows Family

With my granddaughter, Autumn


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