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November 20, 2017

Clyde Mayor Jerry Walker

I want to begin this week’s newsletter with a few words about a great man from our district whom we lost recently, Clyde’s Mayor Jerry Walker. Debbie and I were very saddened to hear the news of his passing. 

Anyone who knew Mayor Walker would tell you there were many ways to describe him: an Air Force veteran, a first class public servant, and a household name in the town of Clyde—but more than that, Mayor Walker was a man of honor, character, and faithful service to others. He served his country and his community in his last days in the very same way he did during his first days: with integrity and with the well-being of others foremost in his mind. 

His was truly a life well lived. Jerry will be missed and we are praying for his wife, Joann, and their family.

With Clyde Mayor, Jerry Walker

Tax Reform Passes the House

Some major news from Congress this week: the House passed a historic tax reform package, H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which I supported.

It’s a delivery that is long overdue. Moms, dads, small business owners, and working families across the country sent us to Congress to create a simpler and fairer tax code that grows our economy, works for American families rather than D.C. special interests, and returns power from bureaucrats in Washington back to the people of Main Street. Today is a monumental step toward fulfilling those promises.

Make no mistake, though: we must not allow ourselves to view this vote as a job completed. This is not a time for extended celebration or victory laps. The task of reforming our tax code will not be finished until BOTH chambers, the House and the Senate, come together and send a proposal to President Donald Trump’s desk. It’s on ALL of us to keep working and make that happen.

While the bill isn’t perfect, and there are some changes that need to be made, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is an excellent first step toward keeping our promise. Now the process moves to the Senate side, where they’re already working overtime on their own bill. Once the Senate passes their version of a tax reform bill, our two chambers will likely go to conference for a final measure. I’m very confident this will be finished and placed on the President’s desk within the next few weeks.

However, the bottom line is this: the American people have had it with political statements or symbolic victories—they want results, and the results won’t be delivered until President Trump signs the bill into law. Congress must run through the tape and finish what we promised. 

No more excuses. Let’s get the job done.

Op-ed: Why Americans Deserve a Second Special Counsel on Russian Dossier, Obama DOJ

This week, my office published an op-ed in Fox News on the growing number of questions surrounding the Obama Justice Department, Hillary Clinton, the infamous Russian Dossier, and more—explaining why Attorney General Jeff Sessions should appoint a special counsel to investigate. You can read the full op-ed here that explains the issue.

Some examples of the questions that need answering: Why did President Obama’s campaign, in April 2016, begin paying almost a million dollars to the very same firm, Perkins Coie, that the Clinton campaign used to fund the infamous Russian dossier that started in April 2016?

Better yet, why was President Obama’s FBI involved in paying for a political project the Clinton campaign was orchestrating?

Why brief President Obama and President-elect Trump at all on the dossier if much of the dossier could not be verified?

And why was the Obama administration’s meeting with President-elect Donald Trump leaked to CNN just four days after the briefing if, again, the dossier could not be verified?

The question of whether the Obama Department of Justice used taxpayer funds to involve themselves in a political project is very serious, and the American people deserve to know the answer. Attorney General Sessions should investigate or appoint a special counsel. The good news is we now know he is considering the option—you can read about it here.

I also appeared on Fox and Friends this week to discuss the op-ed and explain more about the issue. You can watch the segment here.

Interviewing on Fox and Friends

Floor Speech on the Need for a Special Counsel

Along the same lines of my op-ed, I joined several of my House Freedom Caucus colleagues on the House floor to call for an investigation into the Obama DOJ's potential involvement in the infamous 'Russian Dossier'--the same Russian Dossier that we now know the Clinton campaign paid for in 2016 to target then-candidate Donald Trump. Similarly to the op-ed, the speech was built on four key questions:

  1. Why did President Obama’s campaign begin paying almost a million dollars to the very same firm the Clinton campaign used to fund the dossier, in the very same month the Clinton campaign began paying for the dossier? 
  2. Why did President Obama’s FBI attempt to pay Christopher Steele for the Russian Dossier? Why was President Obama’s FBI involved in paying for a project that the Clinton campaign was orchestrating? 
  3. Why brief the President at all on the dossier if much of the dossier could not be verified? Or, if President Obama’s intelligence officials had reason to treat the dossier seriously, why did they wait two months after the election until January 6 to brief the President?
  4. Why was the President’s meeting with President-elect Trump leaked to CNN four days after the briefing if, again, much of the dossier could not be verified?

You can watch my full speech here.

Speaking on the House floor

Supporting Israel

This week I spoke in the House Oversight Committee in support of moving the Israeli Embassy to the true Capital of Israel, Jerusalem.

Moving our Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel, on the 50th anniversary of reunification, would be a strong message from President Donald Trump to the rest of the world. America would do well to support our strongest ally in this manner.

You can watch my full questioning in the committee here.

Questioning witnesses in the Oversight Committee

Regulatory Reform – Interview with Forbes

I interviewed with Forbes on my "one in, two out" bill that will require regulatory agencies to repeal two outdated regulations for every new regulation enacted. This is the bill that would codify President Trump’s executive order from February into law.

The reality is that governing by executive actions is easy to reverse when a new administration takes over the White House. Many of President Trump’s early directives have been reversing unconstitutional, overreaching, or damaging executive orders from President Obama, which is an outstanding step, but more can be done by Congress. What we’re finding out through these first nine months is that if you govern with just the stroke of the pen—as President Obama famously said and did—it’s just as easy to undo those actions with a different stroke from the same pen.

That’s why it’s so critical that Congress take action. You can read the full interview here.

Thank You, Veterans

Duty, Honor, Country.

Last week, on Veterans Day, we celebrated the men and women who embody those three words—those who embraced their duty, who served honorably, and were willing to give up everything for the country they love. Every day, they represent the best of who we are as Americans. Thank you, Veterans.

Thank you, Veterans

News from the Freedom Caucus - H.R. 1178, the SAFE For America Act

I want to share some important news from the House Freedom Caucus this week: we joined President Donald Trump and took an official position in support of H.R. 1178, the SAFE For America Act, sponsored by Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL). The bill would end the diversity visa lottery program that recent terrorism suspect in New York, Sayfullo Saipov, used to enter the U.S.

We are calling on House leadership to have an up or down vote on this bill and send it to the Senate. It’s time for us to get smarter on our immigration policies.

Be sure to follow the Freedom Caucus on Facebook or on Twitter to receive more updates like these!

Visit from Award-Winning Teachers

I was honored to have some of the team from Hendersonville's Clear Creek Elementary School visit the office this week! I know I speak for many of us when I say we are extremely grateful for their work in our district and very proud of them for receiving National Blue Ribbon honors, recognizing academic excellence—it’s a well-deserved award for some truly outstanding teachers. Their names and roles are below:

- Marcie Wilson, Principal 
- Mary Phillips, Instructional Coach 
- Kelly Bailey, 2nd grade teacher 
- Abby Stinehart, 3rd grade teacher 
- Jan King, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Service, Henderson County Public Schools

Thanks to them for coming by the office!

Clear Creek Elementary School team!

George Hildebran Fire and Rescue Barbecue 

I spent time with some of the finest people you'll meet and enjoyed the highest quality barbecue you'll find at the George Hildebran Fire and Rescue Annual BBQ recently. Thanks to the hosts for having me and to everyone who said hello! And of course, many thanks to the team at George Hildebran Fire and Rescue for everything they do in our community.

George Hildebran Fire and Rescue Barbecue

George Hildebran Fire and Rescue Barbecue

George Hildebran Fire and Rescue Barbecue

Sawmills Annual Ham Day

Speaking of good food and great people, the Sawmills Fire and Rescue Annual ‘Ham Day’ in Caldwell County is a place to find both—the folks at Sawmills put on a fantastic event. Thanks to the first responder team there for their service!

Sawmills Annual Ham Day

Sawmills Annual Ham Day

Sawmills Annual Ham Day

Speaking at Pole Creek Baptist “Friend Day”

Thanks to Pastor Dennis Thurman and the congregation of Pole Creek Baptist in Candler, NC for having me speak at their "Friend Day"—I really enjoyed the chance to reconnect with their faithful community of believers. Already looking forward to next time.

Addressing the congregation of Pole Creek Baptist Church

Meeting Greater Vision

Look who was in the Asheville Airport last week! The Greater Vision music team—it was wonderful to meet them. Thanks to them for all they do to spread the gospel through their gift of music.

Meeting Greater Vision

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