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Washington has a spending problem. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s economic projection for the next decade outlines the need to rein in federal spending. Our broken budget process results in expensive funding bills with no plan to pay for them. The spending bill that I opposed in July increases the deficit by $320 billion and adds $1.7 trillion to the cumulative deficit over the next ten years. This practice has gone on far too long. I continue to work with my colleagues to improve our budget process and bring fiscal responsibility back to Congress.

Snap-on Tools


I stopped by Snap-on to meet with employees and learn more about the company. Snap-on was founded in 1920 in Milwaukee, but the company moved to Kenosha in 1930. We had a great conversation on supporting our workforce and giving businesses the opportunity to grow in our community.

Kenosha YMCA


Enjoyed answering questions from kids at the Kenosha YMCA! It was great to get a firsthand look at the YMCA’s summer day camp program and ways the Y is improving kids’ lives and overall community relations.

Amazon Fulfillment Center


Thanks to Cody for the tour of the Amazon fulfillment center in Kenosha. Amazon employs hundreds of full-time workers at this location. Southeast Wisconsin continues to attract new investment and job opportunities.

Brookside Care Center


Thanks to the folks at Brookside Care Center for inviting me to their annual picnic. It was great chatting with folks in the community, and residents and employees at Brookside. I’m committed to protecting Social Security and Medicare for our seniors and retirees, and ensuring these programs remain solvent for generations to come.

Lou Perrine's


I had a great time at Lou Perrine’s. I have stopped by Lou Perrine’s for gas and a snack before, but it was fun to be on the other side and see all the work that goes on behind the scenes. Family-owned businesses like this are great for our community!

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