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  I wanted to make sure you saw my most recent opinion editorial in the Goldsboro News-Argus entitled, "Testimonies of Tax Law Benefits."  You can read the article below.

"Testimonies of Tax Law Benefits"
By: Congressman David Rouzer
February 11, 2018

   Since the enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in late December, more than $3 billion in bonuses have been paid to more than 3 million American workers.  In fact, more than 300 companies have passed on the savings from the new law to their employees in the form of bonuses, pay raises, better benefits, more job opportunities and increased investments that will lead to more jobs.  And these numbers are only those that have been publicly reported, so it is quite logical to assume that many, many more have done the same.

   Atlantic Packaging, which is headquartered in Wilmington and has a manufacturing plant in Tabor City, announced just last month that it will be giving its employees a $1,000 bonus.  Atlantic Packing joins a handful of North Carolina companies who have recently announced they would be passing on their savings from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to their employees and customers.  Others include Lowe’s Home Improvement, Duke Energy, Bank of America, BB&T, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, and IAT Insurance Group.  Additionally, thanks to the tax cut and reform bill, 90% of American workers are beginning to see higher paychecks as a result of their employers adopting the new withholding guidelines.

   In an effort to hear from citizens across the 7th Congressional District, I recently sent out a survey asking for examples of how the new law has affected them.  More than five hundred responded as of the deadline for submission of this column.  These responses demonstrate first-hand how tax reform is working for the families, businesses and employees in this congressional district.

   Jeff from Kenly shared that he and his wife are bringing home an extra $300 per month, which they plan to put towards the purchase of a new home.  Due to a decrease in his federal taxes, Michael from Ocean Isle Beach is now able to “afford the new car I was so badly needing.”  Brett, a small business owner from Wilmington, was able to give employees raises and invest in another location for his business.  Robert, from Bolivia, is expecting to save $2,000 a year thanks to the decreases in his tax withholding. 

   While some in Washington, D.C. may refer to these savings as “crumbs,” stories like these prove that every single dollar helps to plan for the future, make that car payment, save for a house, or take a family vacation.  As Robert stated, “I have a lot of things to do with my crumbs!”

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