News from Representative Carson

July 31, 2020

Dear Friend,

Nearly three months ago, the House of Representatives passed the Heroes Act -- a strong, comprehensive relief package aimed at strengthening our fight against COVID-19 and protecting Americans from its economic toll. Since then, the virus has continued to spin out of control, and recent data shows America’s GDP plunged by nearly 1/3 – an unprecedented drop.

Never has it been more important for Congress to respond with bold action. Yet, my Republican colleagues in the Senate have refused to take up the House’s proposal, and instead drafted an extremely weak bill that fails to help Americans weather this crisis. For example, it cuts unemployment benefits for millions out of work by $400 a week. The difference between these two bills couldn’t be clearer.



I will continue urging my colleagues in the Senate to pass the Heroes Act, and I will not settle for a relief package that fails to meet the needs of Hoosiers. I am also urging our state leaders to extend eviction moratoriums, so people can stay in their homes. Our community, and so many others, are hurting. I won’t rest until Hoosiers, and all Americans, get the help they need to stay safe and secure during this crisis.

Your Friend,


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