News from Representative Carson

May 22, 2020

Dear Friend,

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, I want to wish continued health and happiness for you and your loved ones. The unofficial start of summer will look different this year; many pools will be closed, cookouts will be smaller, and the Indy 500 crowds that enliven our city are notably absent.

Still, we should make the best of things, as we all have been over these past few months. It is my hope that this quieter holiday weekend will provide more opportunities to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day, and pay greater tribute to the Americans we have lost defending our country. As we continue to face one of our nation’s greatest challenges, we must strengthen their legacy by remaining committed in the fight against COVID-19 -- one of the greatest enemies America, and the entire world, has ever seen. 

We must also show our gratitude by strengthening the care we provide to our nation’s veterans, servicemembers and military families. That’s why I’m extremely pleased that the Heroes Act, the House’s latest COVID-19 relief package that we passed last week, provides strong protections for these brave Americans. They include, but are not limited to:

- Ensuring veterans will not have copays or cost-sharing for preventative treatment or services related to COVID-19, as well as streamlining the VA's payment process for emergency care claims to community providers;

- Temporarily suspending VA’s debt collection activities and extending the deadlines to file claims and appeals for VA benefits, including disability compensation, during this public health emergency;

- Expanding emergency assistance for veterans experiencing homelessness;

- Providing VA doctors, nurses and health professionals access to hazard pay and paid sick leave if they are exposed or diagnosed with COVID-19, and workers’ compensation if they fall ill;

- And alleviating unfair financial penalties for servicemembers and families of the fallen impacted by ‘stop movement’ orders.
Of course, there’s much more we must do for veterans, servicemembers, and their families impacted by this crisis, but this is a good start and one big reason why I will keep urging my Senate colleagues to pass the Heroes Act. 

I also want to wish Eid Mubarak, which is this weekend, to my fellow Muslims. Like Memorial Day, this special observance marking the end of Ramadan will also be scaled down this year. However, I know it will still be memorable and meaningful thanks to the strength of our faith and our global community.

Have a wonderful weekend and take care! 


Your Friend,


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