News from Representative Carson

May 1, 2020

Dear Friend,

This week, I continued my work to provide relief for fellow Hoosiers and all Americans harmed and disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our state continues to see a rise in infections and fatalities, meaning we’re not out of the woods yet. It’s important for all of us to honor the Hoosiers we have lost to this terrible virus. And we must also work to protect the health and financial well-being of our communities.

One of the best ways we can do that is by coming together to find common ground. In that spirit, I was pleased to join my fellow Hoosier Members of Congress for a live town hall about COVID-19. We are a bipartisan bunch, and we don’t agree on everything, but in this event, it was clear that we are all equally committed to helping Hoosiers get through this crisis. I pledge to continue working across the aisle as much as possible to help our state and our nation recover. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

I also participated in a virtual conversation with the Indy Chamber this week about my efforts to help provide financial relief to Hoosiers and all Americans whose livelihoods have been harmed during this time. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they are most in need of assistance right now – particularly women and minority-owned businesses, as well as community development financial institutions (CDFIs). I will continue working to ensure federal relief is directed more quickly to these hard-working people. You can watch that conversation here and find more resources on my website.  


Your Friend,


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