News from Representative Carson

March 27, 2020

Dear Friend,

Today, Congress took a major step forward in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. This afternoon, the House of Representatives passed the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, Economic Security) Act, a historic, bipartisan bill that puts families and workers first. The President has now signed it into law. 

This package provides an unprecedented $2 trillion in emergency dollars to help our families, workers, and small businesses deal with this pandemic’s challenge to our health and our economy. And House Democrats worked to ensure this legislation prioritizes every day Americans and the people most in need of assistance.

This bill includes provisions like cash payments to lower- and middle-income Americans, expanded unemployment benefits, much-needed help for our hospitals and health care workers, support for transit and aviation, relief from eviction for many, and much more. For additional information, please click here

While the passage of this legislation is a big step in the right direction, it’s clear there’s much more we need to do to help Hoosiers and all Americans weather this storm.

I remain committed to that goal. That’s why next Monday, March 30th at 3:00 pm Eastern time, I will be going live on my official Instagram account (@RepAndreCarson) with a local representative from the Small Business Administration (SBA). We will try our best to answer all of your questions about COVID-19’s impact on small businesses, and what help is available. Please submit your questions ahead of time on my social media or ask them live. I hope you’ll join me for this important discussion.

We have a long way to go before we defeat this pandemic. Life will continue to be dramatically different and more challenging for all of us. But we can be grateful that there are so many Hoosiers and other brave Americans who have stepped up to help. That includes everyone from the doctors, health care workers and first responders, to supermarket employees, retail workers, teachers, and many more. Thank you for everything you’re doing to keep our community and our nation strong. We pledge to continue fully supporting you now and into the future. 


Your Friend,


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