BIG NEWS: The House just voted to cut taxes for middle-class families. You can see all the details of this plan, including summaries and tax brackets, here.

Every American deserves the opportunity to pursue his or her own version of the American Dream. For too long, our complicated and outdated tax code has left families feeling like they’re doing everything right, but still struggling to make ends meet. The status quo on taxes isn’t working.

Today the House took a major step towards upending the failed status quo, reinvesting in America and its workforce, and providing much-needed relief to middle-class families. But the work isn’t done. Our community has been contacting me about the details of this plan, sharing their feedback and perspective. This bill will have a real effect on our lives, jobs, and communities. We need positive change that works for Pennsylvania’s 16th District. I will continue, as I always have, fighting for those I represent to help ensure the final product works for all of us.

Here is all the information you need on this bill:

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Lloyd Smucker

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